4k Action and Vlogging Camera Price in Nepal

Best 4k Action and Vlogging Camera Available | Price in Nepal

Vlogging Industry is growing every day, a lot of people wants to shoot and capture their daily life and upload them on YouTube or any other platforms. To do that you need a good camera right? So that is why you are here to see which are cameras that are available on the market if you want to shoot 4k Action and vlogging from your camera, and we will also give you the price list in Nepal in later this blog so stay with us for that.

There are so many options available on the global market, but not every product that you can in the Nepalese market. We have made the list base on which cameras are available in Nepal, whether it’s on an online e-commerce website or offline. Also, the cameras that I’m going to suggest are incredible in quality also they all are from reputed companies, like Sony, GoPro, DJI, Canon, etc. so you don’t have to worry about anything more than a show to shoot and use it properly.

So before any further discussion, let’s see the list of the 6 Best 4k Action and Vlogging Camera price in Nepal.

Best 4k Action and Vlogging Camera Available in Nepal

  1. Canon M50 – Best In Class Starter
  2. Panasonic Lumix G7 – Cheapest 4K Vlogging Camera
  3. Sony 6400 – Best Professional 4K Vlogging Setup
  4. DJI Osmo Action Camera – Budget 4k Action Vlogging Camera
  5. GoPro Hero 9 – Best in Class 4k Action Vlogging Setup
  6. Mi 4K Action camera – Cheapest 4K Action Camera

1. Canon M50

The Canon EOS M50 is a perfect choice for Beginners Vloggers. It has best-in-class Dual pixel autofocus. Also has a beautiful skin tone out of the box and the most important feature which every vlogger need is a flip out screen. It is one of the beginners friendly 4k Vlogging Camera Price Available in Nepal, we will also talk about the price of this camera later on in this blog, and you can also shoot action stuff if you want to because it’s a compact camera overall. The EOS M50 with a large 24.1 MP APS-C CMOS Sensor along with Canon DIGIC 8 Image processor captures fine details and creates beautiful artistic impressions with excellent background blur/bokeh effects.

It can create high detail low noise images even in a dimly lit situation as it offers a normal ISO range capability of ISO100 – 25600. In addition, it allows you to shoot approx. 7.4fps high-speed continuous shooting with Servo AF to capture your subject with high precision and accuracy.

4k Action and Vlogging Camera Price in Nepal

The EOS M50 comes with enhanced Dual Pixel CMOS AF performance and functionality during live-view shooting. The AF area is expanded and it is now possible to focus on an approx. 88% horizontal and 100% vertical area. It also includes Eye Detection AF during Servo AF and Movie Servo AF adding convenience while shooting human subjects the touch and drag AF lets you use the screen as a focus touchpad while using the viewfinder.

EOS M50 has a Vari-angle touchscreen LCD monitor, which not only allows users to shoot self-portraits but also makes low-angle and high-angle shooting easier, even when holding the camera in a vertical orientation.


  • It is small, compact, light, and very portable
  • Awesome picture and video quality
  • Single shot at 10fps and Servo at 7.5 fps
  • 720p slow motion at 120fps
  • Time-lapse video mode
  • The dual pixel autofocus
  • Canon’s color science is also highly commendable
  • With a lens adaptor, it can be equipped with Canon’s EF and EF-S lenses.


  • Rolling shutter, lack of Dual Pixel Autofocus, and excessive crop factor in 4k
  • Max shutter speed is only upto 1/4000s
  • Doesn’t have an extra dial or buttons to customize more shortcuts
  • No 1080p slow motion at 120 fps
  • Battery performance is poor
  • Have to spend extra cash to buy a lens adaptor

2. Panasonic Lumix G7

LUMIX G7 is built on the next generation mirrorless interchangeable lens camera standard (Micro Four Thirds) pioneered by Panasonic. Its design enables a lighter, more compact camera body. What a camera you’re getting for this price point! The Panasonic G7 is the sixth camera in their G series line, and I have to say they have finally nailed it. This camera sits right in the sweet spot of performance, size, and price. It is considered a mid level camera but can do just about anything the higher end models can. This is a very cheap 4K camera available on the market, the only downside of this camera is the autofocus is not that great so if you consider vlogging with this camera then you have to think about it.

Best 4k Action and Vlogging Camera Available | Price in Nepal

The 16 mp sensor has been refined and provide good high ISO performance. RAW files are easy to work with. The headline feature 4K video is top-notch, although you have limited manual controls for video recording. Speaking of controls, this camera bristles with dials, levers, and buttons. It is a call back to the original G1 and G2 and I love it. Handling is top-notch, everything falls into place and all functions are within easy reach for fast access. The grip is superb, and I really think this is the best handling camera out there. Autofocus is fast and accurate, but that also depends on the lens.

More Stuff..

So what’s not to like? Not much. The build materials are plastic, but overall build quality is quite good. Now, in body stabilization, this is a big deal to some. I don’t know why, I don’t think it is such a big deal. No weather sealing, but we are talking about a mid level camera here, if you want to check all the boxes you will be looking at a more expensive camera. Saying that though, Pentax manages to weather seal all their bodies, so it can be done Panasonic!

Overall, for this price point, it is tough to find a better camera. Highly recommended! Use the money you save to get some lenses. Because as good a camera body is, it’s really the lens that makes the biggest difference. I see a lot of people upgrading to a new camera expecting to be blown away, but always end up disappointed. Simply because they just use the kit lenses the cameras come with.

So this camera comes with huge features in it.


  • Very lightweight
  • 4k support
  • Wi-Fi support
  • Tilted touch screen


  • Battery life is about 1.5 hour in video
  • Image quality is ok with its kit lens as this camera have 16mp only

3. Sony 6400

Must buy if this fits in your budget. This is a professional level camera even thouch its not a full frame camera. It has everything you needed as vlogger. Amazing 4K image quality, has flip up screen, compact body, great lenses options, pretty much everything. It has great eye tracking feature. For a perfect shot in DSLR it needs at least 10 takes in some cases, but this one needs one take due to the algorithms available.

4k Action and Vlogging Camera Price in Nepal

At a first glance, the pros don’t weigh enough for the price tag, but if you can push up your budget, boy you will not regret the purchase. If you have used a DSLR and planning for a switch, go for it blindly, you can notice the difference clearly the moment you hold it and start shooting.

Also, Sony lens are costly compared to the other options available in the market, so you might have to be prepared for that. If you are convinced for a mirrorless camera and can spend more, checkout alpha a7 as well, which has full frame sensor.


  • Light weight and easy to carry.
  • Amazing autofocus and AF points.
  • Image quality is top-notch.
  • Video recording is a bliss with tilt up screen.
  • Great burst mode.


  • Expensive, like really expensive.
  • Sometimes it feels uncomfortable to hold.
  • The settings menu is loooooong, u need to spend some time getting used to it.
    Overall verdict : great camera overall for vloggers and also for still images, with the amount of lenses available for Sony e mount you can create amazing compositions.

4. DJI Osmo Action Camera

This is One of the Budget friendly option if you want to shoot 4K vlog. It has decent image quality also very robust for action stuff. First, I must start with the Rock steady feature– the stabilization results of the video footage is so seamless. It’s surprising how well it produces results electronically. Let’s talk about other image stabilizing technologies that are in the industry right now– example, a mechanical IBIS you find in mirrorless cameras. IBIS sometimes causes image warping because the camera sensor is shifting from countering your hand movement.

Best 4k Action and Vlogging Camera Available | Price in Nepal

Not only that, IBIS just stabilizes your image marginally, you’d still need a gimbal to really get a steady image. Another example is when you’re stabilizing a normal video footage in post with a video editing software like iMovie or Final Cut Pro X, your image will sometimes suffer from warping or even vibration blur from the user’s footsteps. You DO NOT GET ANY OF THESE ISSUES in the Osmo Action and its Rocksteady feature. You just get a stable video clip, EVERY TIME. I’m such a big fan of this stabilization technology. It keeps its small form factor without needing a bulky gimbal to pack around. It just works.

More stuff..

The next feature that is a big is that the Osmo Action has a screen. A very large screen for that matter. The Hero3 didn’t have that, and I’d always have to guess what’s in the frame of what I’m recording. Not only does it have a screen, it has a second screen in the front of the camera that you can switch to. Pretty ideal for vloggers and taking selfies (pretty sure that’s the main point of the design), but there are tons of scenarios where that front screen will come in handy for you to monitor what’s in frame wherever you’re mounting this thing.

Listing some other features that I like, there is a D-Cinelike picture profile that makes the image somewhat “flatter” for better editing and do some color grading. Variety of frame rates, this thing records up to 60fps at 4K and 240fps at 1080P, allowing you to do some incredible slow motion video. With all of its capabilities, I can really see how people can find more opportunities to use a device like this.

5. GoPro Hero 9

We all know the GoPro is a leading Industry Company when we talk about the Action camera. The Latest GoPro Hero 9 is one of the Best 4k Action and Vlogging Camera in Nepal, We will give you the price list on all the camera in the last so stay with us for that. The By far the most impressive GoPro you will ever get. The 20MP camera functionality makes this great to bring to my kids sporting events, and the 14.7MP frame grabs have been fun to pull out of the videos. I love the front screen and plan on buying a housing for any rugged activities.

4k Action and Vlogging Camera Price in Nepal

I have been playing around with the “Hindsight” feature (captures something like 30 seconds before you hit the button) at my kids’ baseball game, which is really cool because I don’t need to record the whole game to find a good action shot or miss a spectacular play. By far one of the sweetest options. I am really looking forward to testing this out in the cold, being it has a bigger battery that my HERO8. It is a little heavier than my HERO8, but I think the trade-off is worth it for sure with the 20MP pictures and all the updates and battery life.


  • Front facing screen is awesome and offers several options! You can turn it off completely! Turn it to a classic type mode that shows your mode settings only! Have it in widescreen or fullscreen! The screen works well and makes it much easier to take selfies or film yourself!
  • Software: The built in software is much more polished than previous GoPros! I’ve yet to have the camera freeze! It offers several features not on most of the older versions of GoPros, and it’s much easier to navigate!
  • Improved Battery Life: The larger batter does offer much improved Battery Life
  • Built in mounting prongs, just like the 8. I love these, no need for a case or holder
  • 5K looks awesome!
  • Hypersmooth keeps getting better and better!
  • Webcam mode is awesome (on Windows, you must sign up for the beta for this). Webcam mode works with Zoom and other popular meeting software
  • The built in slow motion feature rocks! A nice quick way to get slow motion footage in a world where people want to share it instantly!
  • Voice control seems improved
  • Camera seems speedier and snappier than previous models


  • Old batteries don’t fit, but new batteries are a great improvement!
  • Mods aren’t yet widely available (at the time of this review)

6. Mi Yi 4K Action Camera

This is the cheapest option available if you want to shoot 4K images on a Budget. Yi 4k action camera is very cheap if you compare to the other competators on the market like DJI and GoPro. SO if you are just starting out and want a decent quality camera for your day-to-day Vlogging, this is the Way to go.

I didn’t use this camera personally, but I’ve heard so many reviews comparing with the GoPro Hero 9 action camera, which tells a lot right. Now, let’s talk about what I’ll offer for you.

4k Action and Vlogging Camera Price in Nepal

Top Features of Yi 4k Action Camera

– This action camera can combine 4K30 video recording, integrated touchscreen and up to two hours of battery life.

– Built with the new generation Ambarella A9SE75 chip, Sony IMX377 image sensor, and 7 layers of all glass lenses, it records 4K/30fps at 60mbps, 4x the quality of 1080p.

– Featured with an impact resistant Gorilla Glass 2.19 inches LCD touchscreen, you can intuitively shoot and preview with the touch of a finger.

– YI use the world’s leading rechargeable 1200mAh high-voltage 4.4V lithium-ion battery to record up to 120 minutes of 4K/30fps video with a single charge. Innovative heat management system helps release heat quickly to reduce overheating while recording at high-resolution.

– YI 4K’s all-in-one and impact resistance design fits in your pocket and is ready for anything! With new colors and a high quality finish, it is not only a camera for shooting amazing photos/videos, but also the fashion accessory you’ve been waiting for.

Summary of 4k Action and Vlogging Camera Price in Nepal

Here you can check out the summarised list of the6 best 4k Action and Vlogging Camera Price in Nepal.

4k Camera Model NamePrice In Nepal
Canon M50  (Black, 15-45mm Kit lens)Rs. 89,990
Panasonic G7 or G85Rs. 60,000
Sony 6400 (16-50mm Power Zoom Lens)Rs, 150,000
DJI Osmo Action PocketRs. 48,000
GoPro Hero 9Rs. 65,500
Mi 4K Action CameraRs. 24,000

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