Let's see the Sony Camera Price in Nepal which includes Sony a64000, a7iii, a7siii, a9, a6000, a65000, a7riii, a66000, a7riv in 2021.

Sony Camera Price in Nepal | All list of 2021 Update – Know More

Sony Mirrorless cameras are very popular all over the world because It is feature-packed and knows for the compact and light compared to the bulky DSLR cameras. So if you are thinking to buy a new camera from Sony you should read all the prices from our list, so you can buy your next camera depends on your budget in Nepal. We are giving the whole list of the Sony camera price in Nepal at the end of this blog, so stick with us for that.

If you compare the prices of the DSLR cameras in Nepal, you will find Sony cameras expensive. Also, the price of Sony lenses is much expensive but if you want the quality and don’t want to compromise then it’s worth the money to invest in the Sony System.

We already got the latest and greatest Sony A7S III camera from Sony, It has a bunch of cinema line features which lead the videography industry a little further. The Japanese company recently launched the Sony A7R IV. And not much after the release of A7R IV, Sony yet again brought two new APS-C mirrorless cameras on the table. The Sony A6600 and A6100 are the successors to the A6500 and A6000 respectively.

Among the two, the A6600 is its flagship model on the APS-C segment, whereas A6100 is a refresh version of a very old Sony A6000 which was released back in 2014.

Sony Camera Price in Nepal | All list of 2021 Update

Sony APSC Camera Price List In Nepal 

Model   Price In Nepal
Sony Alpha A6000 (Body only)Rs. 58,500
Sony Alpha A6000 (With Kit lens)Rs. 70,500
Sony Alpha A6100 (Body only)Rs. 98,500
Sony Alpha A6100 (With Kit lens)Rs. 120,000
Sony Alpha A6300 (With Kit lens)Rs. 1,36,000
Sony Alpha A6300 (With 18-135mm zoom lens)Rs. 1,70,000
Sony Alpha A6400 (Body lens)Rs. 138,000
Sony Alpha A6400 (With 16-50mm Zoom lens)Rs. 150,000
Sony Alpha A6400 (With 18-135mm Zoom lens)Rs. 195,000
Sony Alpha A6500 (Body only)Rs. 128,000
Sony Alpha A6500 (Body lens)Rs. 1,63,000
Sony Alpha A6500 (With 18-135mm zoom lens)Rs. 2,45,000
Sony Alpha A6600 (Body only)Rs. 1,83,000
Sony Alpha A6600 (With 18-135mm zoom lens)Rs. 2,65,000

Sony Full Frame Camera Price List In Nepal

Model   Price In Nepal
Sony Alpha A7 II (With Kit lens)Rs. 1,75,000
Sony Alpha A7 III (Body Only)Rs. 2,28,000
Sony Alpha A7 III (With Kit lens)Rs. 2,70,000
Sony Alpha A7S II (Body only)Rs. 3,02,000
Sony Alpha A7SIII (Body only)Rs. 5,50,000
Sony Alpha A7R (Body only)Rs. 110,000
Sony Alpha A7R II (Body only)Rs. 1,55,000
Sony Alpha A7R III (Body only)Rs. 4,02,000
Sony Alpha A7R IV (Body only)Rs. 4,50,000
Sony Alpha A9 (Body only)Rs. 4,00,000
Sony Alpha A9II (Body only)Rs. 5,45,000

Sony Compact Camera Price List In Nepal

Sony Camera ModelPrice in Nepal
sony rx100Rs. 147,000 (Expected)
sony zv1Rs. 121,000 (Expected)

Where to buy Sony Mirrorless Camera in Nepal?

Nepa Hima Trade Link is the authorized distributor of all types of Sony products in Nepal. It also provides a year of warranty on every purchase which is a big plus if you are a buyer and want future safety. NHTL has showrooms located in the various places in the Kathmandu valley.

Sony Camera Price in Nepal

Our recommendation is If you are thinking to buy any mirrorless camera from Sony, you can visit the Sony showrooms in Kantipath, Labim Mall (Second Floor), or in Jawalakhel or you can contact on the numbers below.
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