Nikon Camera Price In Nepal | Nikon Z6, Z7 and more

Nikon Camera Price in Nepal | All list of 2021 Update – Know More

After a big name in the industry like Canon and Sony, we get the Nikon, Which also has a good reputation in the camera world industry. Nikon’s new camera which is Nikon Z6 and Z7 being quite popular in the mirrorless market after giving good quality images and good features. Nikon is a Japanese worldwide enterprise settled in Tokyo, Japan. The organization was framed as an optical organization in 1917, which was known as Nippon back in the days. 

Being the oldest brand they are known for their DSLRs ranging from beginners to professionals. But, before buying cameras from any brand either Canon, Sony, or Nikon switching becomes expensive so make your decision wise before you commit to on-brand. Nikon offers solid image quality, fast performance, excellent build, and almost all accessories like Lens, flash is available easily. They facilitate us with a wide range of lenses to choose from. Nikon is known for its macro and fisheye lenses.

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What’s more, this really mainstream brand is famous in Nepal also. Some camera lovers are likewise discovered looking for the Nikon cameras in Nepal. Be that as it may, the pitiful thing is, we don’t have an approved wholesaler of Nikon cameras or Nikon items in Nepal.

So we have a tragic destiny to purchase the Nikon cameras from the dark market on the need. Likewise, there is anything but an approved assistance place to repair the harmed part here. So purchasing the items from the dim market is as of now repulsing.

There are a number of models of Nikon which are becoming increasingly popular with camera enthusiasts. For the Nepali market, Nikon has quite a few choices compared to Sony and Canon. The below table illustrates the Nikon Camera Price in Nepal.

Nikon camera price list in Nepal

Model NameTypePrice
Nikon D3400DSLRRs. 47,000
Nikon D3500DSLRRs. 53,000
Nikon D5600DSLRRs. 68,000
Nikon D7100DSLRRs. 1,04,958
Nikon D7200DSLRRs. 1,07,000
Nikon D610DSLRRs. 1,46,880
Nikon D750DSLRRs. 2,15,000
Nikon D810DSLRRs. 3,15,000
Nikon D850DSLRRs. 3,75,000
Nikon D5DSLRRs. 6,93,000
Nikon Z6Mirrorless CameraRs. 2,45,000
Nikon Z7Mirrorless CameraRs. 3,95,000

So you get the price list of all the Nikon cameras now It’s up to you which one will fit your needs.
There are a bunch of cameras that are different from each other, you have to pick one up depending on your choices. There are other great camera companies like Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Fujifilm, etc. If you want to check out the prices of those you can check out below. If you have any questions about these cameras you can ask in the comment section below we’ll be happy to help you with that.

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