How To Earn $100 A Day With Google AdSense

How to Earn $100 A Day With Google AdSense with Calculation

Making $100 or even more every day with Google AdSense is possible from a home or office. Numerous site proprietors are doing it. You need arranging, work, assurance, and enthusiasm about your point or specialty.

Adsense is the mutual platform of most earning sites like YouTube, Blogging & Android Application. This blog also answers some questions like how to make money with Google Adsense and how much does google Adsense pays per click.

In this article, you will get the full calculation on how to Earn $100 A Day With Google AdSense along with an example.

Important Terminology

Before Understanding the earning process here is some terminology you need to know for proper coordination with Adsense. This is the Web tool, that places  Google Ads on your site, and when a guest from your site taps on ads, Google pays you 68% of what the sponsor pays them. It’s free to join.

1. CTR

Your Ad Click-Through Rate is the number of advertisement clicks isolated by the number of individual advertisement impressions. If you are showing 5 AdSense advertisements on each page of your site, 1 site visit is equivalent to 5 ad impressions.

CTR Can be calculated by the following formula.

CTR =  Clicks/Ad Impression X 100

For Instance, Consider if you get , Clicks = 10  and Ad Impression =1000 then,

CTR = 10 / 1000 *100   =  1%

2. CPC

Cost Per Click is the income you gain each time when a visitor clicks on your advertisement. CPC is controlled by the promoters. In some focused specialties like money, advertising, online items, and so forth publicists might be eager to pay more per click than others.

Some of the highest CPC  of  countries

How To Earn $100 A Day With Google AdSense

3. CPM

Indeed, this is the key part to make the most gaining. Through Google Adwords, each publicist is setting up the amount they need to pay to the site proprietors for each snap they get on their advertisement flags or content promotions.

For example, if your avg  CPC is $0.20, at that point you can make $1 for every 5 clicks you get. This is likewise relying upon CTR (active visitor clicking percentage) of your page. This means, in the event that I consider your page has 1% CTR, at that point you need 100 visits to get 1 click, which implies day by day 400 visits for 4 ticks.

4. RPM

RPM is known as Page revenue per thousand impressions. It can be calculated by dividing the estimated earnings by the number of page views, then by multiplying 1000 to it.
Page RPM = ( Estimated earning /Number of page views ) *1000
For Instance,if, estimated earning  = $0.20Total page views  = 30
Page RPM = ($0.20/30)*1000
                  = $6.67

Write lengthy blog posts

Writing a longer blog post is one of the best technics to increase rank on google. it’s very important to understand that every blog on the google first page always has content that has more than 2000 words. More the Content more the chances of being rank on the google first page. The higher the position you ranked on Google, the more traffic you get.

Why does this happen? It happens because longer content is always filled with more information along with more keywords in it.

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Increase your AdSense CTR

Let’s Consider, you are getting 1000 ads impression on your blog post but your CTR is only 0.01 %. It means you are only getting 10 clicks per 1000 views. That seems quite frustrating, isn’t it? But if you have 0.1 % CTR then the scenario is a little amazing. You are getting 100 Clicks with 1000 impressions. Less CTR could be happening because of the wrong placement of ads on your blog post Therefore you are losing Clicks. so understand that the Lesser the click lesser the earnings from the google adsense.

To optimize your placement and type and kind of ads. Here is what I suggest to you

  • Use Links ads. At least two link ad units to increase your CTR.
  • Place above the header ad.
  • Put one ad at the sidebar.
  • Place two ads on your content.
  • Always use a variety of ad units, like using display ads, in-article ads, and Matched content ads.
  • Show your ads to users, don’t hide them on the footer of your blog.

Get traffic from high CPC Country

CPC is one of the most important terminologies. So targeting the high CPC country is the smart technic to boost Adsense revenue incredibly. I will show the difference between the two countries where one has the high CPC and another has low CPC. Let’s understand it by the Calculation.

Here we have 2 countries.

  1. United State

It has average CPC of $0.61. If you have 100 click on 10k views you earn = 0.61×100 = $61

  1. India

It has average CPC of $ 0.07. If you have 100 click on 10k views you earn = 0.07×100 = $7

In conclusion, You can easily see the difference between the two countries so it is shown that You have to target the United States rather than Indian specific content. You can earn 88% more with the same Click.


  • Basically, it calculates how much money you made per 1000 page views. It’s calculated based on your traffic, CTR (click-through rate), and CPC (cost per click).
  • Estimated earnings can be calculated by using the following formula.
  • Estimated earning = Total ad impression* CTR * CPC

Let’s consider, Total Page views per day =10,000

  • Total Impression per page =  4
  • Click-through rate (CTR)  =  1%
  • Cost per click  (CPC)         = $0.25
  • Total Impression = 10,000*4 = 40,000
  • Total earing = 40000*0.25*1/100
  •                     = $ 100

In Conclusion, To earn $100 a day with google adsense you need to have at least 40,000 ad impressions, 400 Clicks a day along with CTR 1% and CPC $0.25.

Let’s calculate another example,

How To Earn $100 A Day With Google AdSense
How to Earn $100 A Day With Google AdSense with Calculation

In the above figure, we can see that 
CPC = $0.01 Page CTR = 26.67% Impressions = 136

Total earning = 0.01*136*26.67/100                      = $0.362712

if impression is considered as 50,000 and CTR = 1.5%then,  Total earning  = 0.01*50000*1.5/100                        =$7.5

if you have content which is bringing high CPC United states traffic then,
earning might like this

CPC = $0.61
CTR = 0.75%

lets Assume Impression =10,000
Total Earning = 10,000*0.61*0.75/100
                      = $45.75

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To earn $100 or more money in a day with google adsense you must have at least 200 to 300 good articles so that, a lot of traffic visits your site. Moreover, you also need to target the high CPC country which helps to increase your revenue drastically with less effort.