How to Write SEO Friendly Blog | Best Article writing tricks

How to Write SEO Friendly Blog | Best Article writing tricks

Google SEO changes all the times, so It’s very difficult to understand how to write an SEO friendly blog post especially in 2021 because google changes algorithm all the times you should be aware of all this thing before you start to write your blog post, so my suggestion keeps up to date about Google SEO and algorithms.

And nowadays, there are thousands of blogs out there, so it’s very difficult to stand out against those bloggers if you don’t have wonderful content, SEO friendly blog as well as lots of backlinks that’s why I’m writing this blog for you, so It may help you to reach more visitors on your post.

Before we start to talk about how to write a SEO friend blog post or article, If you are just starting out on blogging career than you might be wondering how you can get more traffic on your blog than you can check out our last article which might be helpful for you.

The Best Ways to Write SEO friendly blog post

There are a bunch of ways to write and article that will hit the SEO for better ranking on Google and I have collected one of the best ways to do that process from my own experience. So which out any further discussion let’s start, How to write SEO friendly blog or article post especially in 2021.

There is a lot of things that you should know when writing your blog post, let’s talk about all of those things one by one, so we have a better understanding.

  • Keyword Search
  • SEO friendly Image
  • Proper Headings
  • Backlinks
  • Put Labels
  • Permalink
  • Search Description
  • Alt text
  • Long articles
  • Subheading

So, these are my top 10 things that you should know when you write your SEO-friendly blog post if you have more idea on your mind let us know on the comment section below. Now, let’s start with the first one, I’ll try to write as simple as possible, so it will become easier for you to understand.

Do some keyword research first

Keyword searching is very important before you start to write your blog post, First take my words if you are just starting out don’t go for the trending keywords. We all know that the trending keywords has more competition, and we have no chance to get into the first place because you have to compete with the big website which has good reputation which is not possible if you are just starting out.

The better way is you choose low volume Keyword for rank because in It has very low competition And the vast majority of blogger are not attempted in Long tail keywords for rank Because in search the searching rate is low compare to the Short Keywords.

So before you start to write your blog post search minimum 5 keywords to use on your blog post you can mix low competition as well as large volume and trending ones. You can use the Keywords Everywhere Research tool which I use a lot or just use the Google keyword planner and both are absolutely free to starting out.

How to Write SEO Friendly Blogger Post in 2019

Upload SEO friendly images

The one of the beast was to write SEO friendly blog post is by adding an alt text on your images. Image is one of the most important factors on your blog post because images attract more visitors than the heading. You should put the best image on your post, so It will attract more visitors to your post but keep your image size low because if your image is large it doesn’t load that fast, and you will end up losing your one of your visitors.

Your image should be less than 100kb I usually keep around 60kb but don’t go beyond that otherwise it will affect your page speed.

Proper Heading

The heading is the first sentence that you write on your blog post, and it will help you find your blog post on Google after crawling your blog post.  New bloggers make so many mistakes white writing a heading, we certainly think if we put many keywords and write longer heading then we will get more clicks, but this is further from the truth

After the new updates your post doesn’t need any longer to have all the keywords and long. We just have to put some sort of heading which is relevant to your blog post and the most important this is, it must have something which helps user to click on your article.

Create more backlinks for Off-Page SEO

If you don’t know backlinks help to read another blog post or another’s website blog post by clicking on the link and google gives priority to this so make sure you put more than 3 – 5 backlinks on every blog post that you write. This is very helpful for ranking on Google because it’s kind of circle when you open the link you go to another side and there is also another link and again visitors click on that link, and they went to another site Google gives priority on this that why backlinks are very important.

How to Write SEO Friendly Blog | Best Article writing tricks

Add Labels on your blog post

This is not the best way to improve your SEO on the page, but it is helpful for ranking your website. Labels are usually helps to find another article on your blog related to the post which your readers might be reading right now.

If the user go to one of your other page after reading the first page, Google is ultimately think that you have something on your articles that users wants to read it more. Which will help you to build a trust with Google and your domain authority will increase, and it will help you to rank much faster. You should try to use 2-3 labels for each post depending on whatever you are writing on, and it will ultimately show the relevance of your article on the side.

Set short and precise permalinks

If you don’t know Permalink It is the link on the URL when you open your blog post your permalink should be the same as the title of your blog post. On blogger, it will give you automatically your date and .html link you can’t change that which is kind of a bummer in my opinion.

The good thing is if you are using WordPress which is one of the best platform for many bloggers out there. On WordPress, you can remove whatever WordPress generate the links depending on your titles, you can remove unnecessary words and make it shorter. And this technique will definitely help you to rank higher on Google.

How to Write SEO Friendly Blog | Best Article writing tricks

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Put SEO Friendly Keywords on Search Description

Search description will give the inquiry rank of your post in Search Engine In Which we are using the catchphrases as indicated by our blog specialty and theme. On the off chance that you Are Applying this method on your blog post, you are 100% ensured to rank and get looks through your Post in Search Engines And Get More Traffic And Rank Gradually.

How to Write SEO Friendly Blogger Post in 2019

Put Alt text on your images

Alt text is one of the most import thing to rank your images on Google. Putting an alt text on all the images is necessary if you want your images to come on Google, while someone searches the related blog post you have to put the alt text on your images. It will basically help your image to find on Google.

How to Write SEO Friendly Blogger Post in 2019

Writing a long articles

This is one of the most important things to do especially you are going to write an article which is already existing on that same keywords. The one of the best way to rank higher than them if they are writing 1000 words on their post you can write 1500-2000 words and pretty much sure you can rank higher than them if you follow all the basic SEO techniques.

How much long your blog is also a big impact on SEO of your articles. If you have more words and your blog is long, Google thinks you have more information on your blog compared to the other competitors, and it will be good for the visitors to get more information about that specific topic so always try to write more about whatever you are writing.


Good Subheadings

Similar to the heading where you can put only one heading on every post that you post on your website, but you can add more subheading on your blog post.

For example if you watch this blog I have the first heading and there are 10 options which are subheading of this post it will help your post to add more keywords and make easier to understand reading to your visitors.

Get some bonus tricks on writing a SEO friendly Blog post

Add read more links

This is not included on the SEO-friendly blog topic, but this is one of the most important things to do after you complete writing everything about your next articles. In Each article you should at least add 3-5 Read more or Also read whatever you like to write on the heading section, right before you publish on your blog.

It will help you find another bog post of your website if the users find something useful on those links, and untimely the user spend more time on your website which is great from your website domain authority and Google trust on your website.

How to Write SEO Friendly Blog | Best Article writing tricks

The only thing that is important about this is you have to put the link related to that blog post for example if your post about the smartphone you should put the link related to the smartphone. The idea is if your visitor is interested in that post there is a possibility to open your next blog post related to that blog post.

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