Why Blogger is the best option for Beginners

Why Blogger is the best option for Beginners?

Is Blogger for the Beginners?

Before you start your blogging carrier first thing that comes to your mind which platform I’m going to use and when we decide to start blogging there are lots of different platforms out there like WordPress, Wix, Blogger, etc. When we just starting out we need some budget platform or maybe be free that’s why Blogger is the best choice for the beginners because It’s totally free and the most important thing on blogger you’ll get free hosting from Google and Google has one of the most secure and fast web servers so you don’t need to worry about security and website hosting reliability it will open 24 hours.
The only thing Blogger has very limited features, unlike WordPress which has lots of features and customization where you can do anything. But if you are just starting out Blogger is the best choice where you might have very limited features you can learn a lot of things by using this Platform, and also you don’t need to worry about hosting which is totally free. After starting on Blogger you can shift into WordPress which is not that difficult as well. SO my advice to all of you if you are just starting out Blogger is the best choice.

What Beginners Thinks About Blogging?

For the very first time when you just start your blogging carrier. All Beginners out there think Blogging is effortless. But I am telling you blogging is not easy what you might be expecting, But I’m sure If you invest a little extra time every day on your blog then It’s not that difficult either. Then blogging is very easy. Beginner always thinks “he started a blog and he earning per month 1000$. Why I can’t make 1000$ per month you might be right in some way but first spent much more time on your blog, then you can earn more money.

Where you need to start your Blogging carrier?

Most of the successful bloggers out there all are started their blogging carrier for Blogger.com and after knowing and experiencing all they switched to the other more powerful platforms like WordPress. If you are just a beginner in blogging, you might not able to decide where to start your first blog. I highly recommend you to start with Blogger.com which is totally free you just need to buy a domain only. And if you are thinking to start your blogging journey using WordPress or using the free hosting website my advice to all of you don’t go to WordPress or a Free hosting site. If it’s free it’s total crap nobody provides free domain and hosting. If you start your blog on a free hosting website first you can’t backup your data, and you Loss your information either you buy hosting to this free hosting website to pay a higher amount. So I request you to start your blog using blogger.com.

Why you start a Blogging Journey From Blogger.com?

Why Blogger is the best option for Beginners in 2019?

Benefits of Blogger.com

  • Custome Domain – You can easily add any custom domain to your blog (Free Domain or Paid Domain). you can buy it from a domain registrar like GoDaddy.
  • Google Search Console -You can easily verify with your google search console.
  • Template – You can get very good templates for free for your blogger. You can easily import to your blogger and also you can customize it in your own way.
  • Adsense – You can Direct open your Adsense account from your blog and Easily put your Adsense codes on your blog to earn money.
  • Social media – you can share your blog on other social platforms very easily, you don’t need to use any plugin.