Speed up windows 10 laptop or computer

How to Speed up Windows 10 Laptop or Computer Much faster

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have to do some work on your computer, and suddenly you found that your computer is too slow to handle that? Are you thinking about how am I going to make my Windows computer much faster? Don’t worry, we are here to give you some amazing tips which help you to Speed up Windows 10 laptop or computer faster than ever.

When you first buy a new computer or laptop of any specification. You feel it is going to be fast but after some time it will start to become slower, and you will start to become frustrated.

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Top 12 Tips to speed up windows 10 laptop or Computer Much Faster

There might be a bunch of reasons why your computer might slow down. Before you give up, there are various things you can check to make sure your computer is running as efficiently as possible. And here I’m going to give you the 12 best tips toTop 12 Tips to speed up windows 10 laptop or Computer Much Faster than you ever think and do your work without any frustration.

Upgrade memory RAM

Your computer might be slower if you have less RAM installed on your computer so try upgrading the RAM as much as possible. RAM is a temporary storage memory used by your PC to run programs. 

The more programs you use, the more RAM you need; and if you don’t have enough, your computer will slow down. You can easily add more RAM by buying an extra memory stick, but you can also replace or buy a completely new RAM if necessary.

You can buy the High-Quality Crucial RAM 8GB DDR4 RAM on amazon. I also have added 8 GB ram to my Laptop. After adding 8GB RAM I found Drastic Increament in the speed of the computer. For instance, startups have become faster and I’m now able to perform multiple tasks without any lags.

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Upgrade Your Computer by Replacing HDD to SDD

Are your windows 10 computer or laptop performing slower than you like, or are you looking for a way to boost performance? If your computer is more than a couple of years old, replacing the hard drive with a solid-state drive (SSD) is one of the most cost-effective changes you can make. It will completely change your computing experience by speed up windows 10 laptop. That said, there are some practical challenges you’ll need to consider before you do, so let’s look further into SSD drives.

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Disable unnecessary startup apps

Whenever you start your computer most of the time, you’ll find that some of the applications are already opened like IDM, Utorrent, Antivirus, etc. These applications use a lot of RAM while opening and It will take more time to start up your Computer so disabling unnecessary applications amazingly speed up windows 10 laptop or computer.

Make Your  Windows 10 Computer or laptop Much faster

Here I’m disabling Microsoft OneDrive which I don’t want to start when the computer starts. you can see that in the above picture. You can access your Startup Programs Panel very easily using these steps:

  • To access Task Manager, press Ctrl-Shift-Esc
  • A box will appear that lists all the applications you have installed on your computer
  • It also gives you a detailed account of the amount of RAM each program uses when you start your PC
  • Scroll down here and if anything comes up as Automatic it’s still running at Startup, even if you Disabled it from the previous menu. Nasty. Right-click on the task and say Stop and it should put it down for good.

If you found you had a lot of programs you didn’t even know were in the Startup menu, it’s likely your Startup Services are affected as well. 


Just like the prefetch, you can find a similar folder which is called a temp folder where you can find a bunch of temporary files that are stored you can delete all of them and delete those files.

There are lots of unnecessary temporary file which is generated by Windows applications while doing some work you can easily find those files on the computer and It doesn’t affect you any program or computer so don’t worry while deleting. To access that folder you can follow the below steps:

How to Speed up Windows 10 Laptop or Computer Much faster
  • Search run or Win+R and search prefetch
  • You will find lots of unnecessary files there just select all and delete all of them.

Delete Temp Files

Make Your  Windows 10 Computer or laptop Much faster
  • Search run and type %temp% and temp as well you can open both folders by typing the command and press enter.
  • After that you will find lots of temporary files over there we don’t need them anymore so just select all and delete them.

Disc Cleanup

In Disk cleanup you can delete unnecessary windows system files like updated program files, Optimization files, Temporary files, Thumbnails, etc.

Make Your  Windows 10 Computer or laptop Much faster
  • Right-click on the C drive and select on the properties option after that you will find the Disk Cleanup option click on that.
  • You’ll found lots of options there if you want more cleanup select on Cleanup System FIles on the bottom.
  • After that There you will find lots of files some may be selected already and some may not be so select all options and click on and deleted all these files.

Disc fragmentation

Fragmentation refers to the condition of a disk in which files are divided into pieces scattered around the disk. Fragmentation occurs naturally when you use a disk frequently, creating, deleting, and modifying files. At some point, the operating system needs to store parts of a file in noncontiguous clusters. You can optimize the drive by using the disc fragmentation by doing these simple steps: 

How to Speed up Windows 10 Laptop or Computer Much faster
  • Click windows button 
  • Search defragment and optimize the device and select one by one drive and click optimize.

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

This is also a very important thing on the computer. you might feel slower due to the installation of an unnecessary application, so go to the control panel, select the unnecessary application, and uninstall it.

Make Your  Windows 10 Computer or laptop Much faster
  • Click on the “Start” button and visit the “All apps” menu
  • Here you can view a list of the applications you have installed – and the ones you haven’t or you can open the Control Panel by searching on the search box.
  • Once you find the program you want to uninstall, right-click on the icon to see the Uninstall option.

Scanning Your Computer

Your computer may be infected with a virus or any malware so clean using any antivirus installed on your computer. This might be the reason your computer becomes slower. SO install the Antivirus and scan from time to time. you can find the free Antivirus for your computer here. Another good thing about installing an antivirus is you are safe from hackers.

Some malicious code could be slowing down your PC, even if that wasn’t the criminal’s intention. After installing antivirus and performing cleaning and finding and removing viruses it will your computer to make faster.

Keep windows update

Windows always keep updating on security that’s why you need to always keep your windows up to date. Software updates will fix bugs and glitches that make your computer run slower.

Make Your  Windows 10 Computer or laptop Much faster

To check if your current software is up-to-date on Windows, click the Start Button > All Programs > Windows Update > Check for Updates. On a Mac, go to Apps under the Apple icon menu and click on About this Mac.

Undo some appearance options

Windows works hard to make the screen easy on the eyes and It helps to looks much smoother while using and doing some kind of works on your computer.  If your PC is underpowered, you may want to sacrifice like low pixels fonts, short animation, and gain some speed.

Make Your Computer Much Faster Using These Tricks

Right-click Start, and select System. In the resulting Control Panel window’s left pane, select Advanced system settings.
This brings up the System Properties dialog box, already on the Advanced tab. Click the Settings button in the Performance box (the first of three “Settings” buttons on this tab).
This brings up another dialog box. You can uncheck some of the options, or simply select Adjust for best performance.

Clean dust from your computer

Heat is your computer’s worst enemy. After a long time, dust accumulates inside your computer that could threaten its cooling efficiency. That results, shorter life spans for your computer’s components. Also lacks the speed of working. To make your computer running cool and faster, clean inside of your computer every 6 to 12 months.


In conclusion, My experience says that there is some lack due to these above reasons in every computer or laptop. You can speed up windows 10 laptop or computer yourself without any other support. Also, If these methods didn’t work then you might have to change or Add your hardware.

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