Insta 360 one R, one X 2, and Go 2 price in Nepal | Specs, and Features

Insta 360 one R, one X 2, and Go 2 price in Nepal | Specs, and Features

All we know how much cooler it feels when you take videos with 360 cameras because of the nasty wide-angle view it gives. Insta 360 series cameras are one of those which gives you amazing quality videos at the highest quality possible. If you are talking about the Insta 360 One, One R, one X, One X2, and Go 2 price in Nepal then this article is going to be very helpful for you. There are a bunch of other cameras out there on the market but Insta 360 is something else for these types of videos, as we all know the company is producing these types of cameras for long years.

Insta360’s action camera lineup includes the ONE series (ONE, ONE X, ONE R, and ONE X2) and the Insta360 GO. The ONE series uses 360 technology to create traditional flat video results by “reframing” the 360 videos, allowing the editor to pick their angle in post-production. They also all share “FlowState Stabilization” Insta360’s proprietary image stabilization technology.

Insta 360 Action Cameras List :


Insta 360 One

The One is the oldest 360 camera on this list. That indicates you can expect, how much It will be much cheaper and also it has fewer and outdated features as compared to the other latest models. But It only produces decent videos If you are not too concern about the quality too much. The ONE shoots in every direction at once, capturing life in seamless 4K 360° video and 24 MP 360° photos. Once you’ve got your shot, re-frame the best parts or share a full 360° experience straight from your phone, which is absolutely insane right. The Insta 360 one price at around 51,500 Rupees in Nepal.

Insta 360 R, one X2  price in Nepal, Insta 360 Action Camera Price in Nepal

FlowState Stabilization — It has Best-in-class stabilization that ensures pro-level footage, no matter what you’re doing. Running, cycling, even letting your dog carry the camera—it all comes out hypnotically smooth. It’s better than a gimbal and with none of the hassle.

Shoot First Point Later — It Creates stunning edit with a few taps. Mark off, the best parts of your 360° footage, and the ONE connect them with ultra-smooth camera movements. 

Three Ways to Shoot — It uses the ONE on its own, controls it with Bluetooth, or connect directly to your iPhone and preview shots in real-time. No cables, No hassle, You can take the advantage of tons of flexibility.

Device specifications

  • Aperture: F2.2
  • Photo resolution: 24 MP (6912*3456)
  • Video resolution: 3840*1920@30fps, 2560*1280@60fps, 2048*512@120fps(bullet time)
  • Photo format: insp, jpeg(can be exported via App), RAW
  • Video format: insv, mp4(can be exported via App), LOG
  • Stabilization: Built-in 6-axis gyroscopic stabilization
  • Compatible devices: iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone8/8 plus, iPhone 7/7 plus, iPhone 6s/6s plus, iPhone 6/6 plus, iPhone SE 2
  • iPad Pro(10.5-inch), iPad Pro(9.7-inch), iPad (9.7-inch), iPad Pro(12.9-inch), iPad mini4, iPad Air 2; Click to check Android compatible devices
  • UPC842126100185

Photo, video specifications

  • Photo modes: Standard 360 photos, timed 360 photos
  • Video modes: Standard 360 video, time-lapse mode, bullet time
  • EV: -2EV~+2EV
  • Exposure modes: Auto, Manual(Shutter 1/4000s-60s, ISO 100-3200), Shutter Priority(1/4000s-2s), ISO Priority(100-3200)
  • WB: Auto, Cloudy, Sunny, Fluorescent, Incandescent


  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 82g
  • Dimensions: 96mmx36.5mmx25mm(DxWxH)
  • Storage&Connectivity
  • Bluetooth: BLE4.0
  • Lightning: Lightning connector
  • USB: Micro-USB 2.0
  • Micro SD: Supports UHS-I, exFAT(FAT64) format; max storage capacity is 128 GB.


  • Battery Capacity: 820mAh(5V1A)
  • Charging method: Micro-USB
  • Endurance: 70 min (continuous video shooting)

Insta 360 One R

The Insta 360 One R is an upgraded version of the previous model which was the Insta 360 One. It comes with more features and produces much better image quality. We all know we are gonna buy this camera for 360-degree videos. It runs very smoothly when you connected to your phone. The app works great as well but you might have difficulties with the software and editing 360 videos. It would skip or have difficulty processing the video. however, when I edit 4K or 1080p videos on my laptop or desktop with Adobe Premiere Pro, more power is necessary when doing 360 videos. 


Action Camera Price in Nepal

There is only one thing that, still puzzles me and that is my phone works well with video processing. So I’m not sure why my computers wouldn’t. Perhaps there is something in the phone editing software that makes it more efficient in processing power. maybe it is because there aren’t as many editing features on the phone software. In either case, I would still highly recommend the camera despite these problems. as per price, The Insta 360 One R price at around 65,500 Rupees in Nepal.

App Overview :

The app is pretty friendly once you figure it out. I recommend cutting your videos first, then downloading them to your phone before making a story. If you try to make a story without downloading locally, It’ll take FOREVER to export. When filming, I find it’s best to use the phone to frame (if using the 4k lens) but I stop the recording with the camera button. The app froze on me a few times when I tried to stop recording on the app.

The Camera :

Its camera is Nice and compact. I love its modular. I already can think of scenarios where I would need both lenses. I heavily debated the 1-inch mod, but I think it works not having it because the footage will match more if using both lenses to make a video. Moreover, The 1 inch would be far superior to the 360 and might make the videos look weird. The battery lasts me around an hour or so shooting pretty constant on and off.

Stabilization :

So far it’s pretty good. Much better on the 360 lenses. It Doesn’t record in HDR if you are shooting action shots rather it looks very odd, shakey, etc. HDR mode can be used when you want to do time-lapses, wide “cinematic” shots of mountains, skies, etc. When in motion use normal mode.

Insta 360 One X

One X – Not ready for prime time or what? If I could live stream on YouTube, which is why you can buy this camera. YouTube allows for 4K 360, so as long as you have the bandwidth, so why would you limit it to such a low resolution?

So, the BIG flaws are non-working APP features. also, The very poor battery lives, and no way to power the camera and use live streaming (if I could). And the low res streaming even though this is marketed as a 5.7K device. And to think, I just got this today and I already found these issues.


Insta 360 one x Price in Nepal



To make matters worse, it does not even work with Google Street View via Wi-Fi and you also need to purchase a separate remote to be able to get GPS information even though this is already built into every smartphone. All you are doing is making ways to make more money from an already costly camera that you have crippled.

I am not sure how you got so many good reviews for this product. My only guess is that you bought the reviews or gave away free products for good reviews. But the Insta360 One X surely was not ready for release and the need to use special cables is just a slap in the face to your consumers. as per price, The Insta 360 One X price at around 67,500 Rupees in Nepal.


Insta360 is a company that actually listens to feedback and responds. I gave them one new star just for the pure fact that they do respond and try to help and actually rolls out releases is great. I then added another star for as of ver 1.0.6 of the software fixed a few of my findings and then 1.0.7 fixed some more that I did not even list here but told them about. YouTube Live Streaming now works which is great.

Some of the above are still true and are issues, but I am still hopeful for a new cable that allows you to power the camera as well as the phone needed for USB to pass data. (To stream you must connect via USB) As mentioned above, you are kind of stuck if you want to Livestream as you are as only as good as the battery in your phone or camera. They are also looking into improving live stream resolution to be 4K capable as It is typically possible on YouTube. So I went from 2 to 4 at this time as they are listening and doing what they can. So thanks Insta360, the One X will end up being “the 360 camera” to buy.

Insta 360 One X 2

The insta360 one x2 is a fantastic, heavyweight pocket 360 camera with a great range of accessories. I have streamed a few videos live on Facebook which has been received great Video quality is pretty good along with the sound but you can also use an external microphone with the adapter. It also comes with a downloadable app for your phone and/or computer for editing which is so far very reliable. My only complaint would be the WiFi connection seems to drop from the camera to the app (iPhone) which requires a restart of the camera otherwise you’re plagued by entering a password. Plug-in support for Final Cut Pro would be most welcome (apparently coming). So far so good I can highly recommend this camera and I look forward to doing more with it in the future.

Insta 360 one X2 camera Price in Nepal

This insta360 X 2 is just the ultimate piece of kit. imagine having a full film crew with you but in one simple camera. the 360 view means you can set the camera down and just capture everything around without having to worry about camera position as this can all be sorted in the post. The invisible selfie stick is a really good add-on and great for vlogging etc! personally, this camera has helped me with my youtube channel and producing car videos meaning I can vlog and capture footage at the same time. Shot lab effects are really cool also adding a different dimension to the footage and videos you can make with this camera highly recommended. As per price, The Insta 360 One X 2 price at around 75,900 Rupees in Nepal.


Ultimately, insta360 frequently updates firmware too which is great. As a video editor I would be pleased to see the shot lab added to a PC/Mac editing workflow the camera > phone > export > import to laptop quite a laborious process for using the shot lab things in my video work.

Insta 360 GO

One of the coolest new cameras on the market but has a couple of flaws. However, Easy to drop and damage the lens which has no protection while filming. Only being white attracts other people’s eyes while you are wearing it on your chest. A darker color or color choice would be better. Image quality is good enough for social media although Facebook is annoying playing at a slow low resolution of 240p. There is a way to work around this but beware. Instagram does a better job. This is a fun camera that can capture some highlights of what you are doing and with the great software and effects does it with style and a cool factor.

Insta 360 Go  price in Nepal, Insta 360 Action Camera Price in Nepal

I’m not much of a GoPro yourself kind of guy, though I have a bunch of GoPro gear. The thing is, I use them all to put on drones and record racing drone flights. You’d have a hard time convincing me to wear a GoPro.

This thing you can just clip onto a magnetic lanyard under your shirt. I could see wearing this. I originally bought it for FPV drones and that is likely what I’ll use it for 99.999% of the time but for non-racing drone pilots, I can attest to this thing’s wearability as an entirely different kind of action camera than a GoPro. As per price, The Insta 360 GO price around 29,990 Rupees in Nepal.

Insta 360 GO 2

The Insta 360 GO 2 allows you to shoot in slow motion up to 120 fps, it features hyper-lapse mode has a higher-capacity 1100mAh built-in battery that captures 9MP photos, records video in up to 3K 2560 x 1440 the resolution records in 1080p30 HDR format, and features larger internal storage of 32GB.

Insta 360 Go 2 price in Nepal,

The GO 2 records MP4 video at up to 1440p resolution (2560 x 1440) at up to 30 frames per second. HDR video is recordable at up to 24 fps.  The GO 2 includes Pro Video with FlowState stabilization in addition to standard video with basic stabilization. Further, there are four selectable fields of view, including the 120° Ultra Wide option and the 110° ActionView FOV.

Photos are recorded in INSP and DNG formats up to 2560 x 1440 resolution in standard recording modes, although a panorama mode is also available with 2938 x 1088 resolution. Available photo modes include standard, interval, Night Shot, Starlapse, and PureShot. Users can use automatic shooting modes or select manual shutter speeds. As per price, The Insta 360 GO 2 price at around 39,500 Rupees in Nepal.

Price and Availability of Insta 360 Cameras

Insta 360 ModelPrice in Nepal
Insta 360 oneRs. 51,500
Insta 360 one RRs. 65,500
Insta 360 one XRs. 67,500
Insta 360 one X 2Rs. 75,900 (Expected)
Insta 360 GORs. 29,990 (Expected)
Insta 360 GO 2Rs. 39,500 (Expected)

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