How to activate Call waiting, Call hold, and Call forwarding | NTC, NCell

How to activate Call waiting, Call hold, and Call forwarding | NTC, NCell

How to activate Call waiting, Call hold, and Call forwarding in NTC, Ncell

Call waiting, Call hold, and Call forwarding is great, necessary features that are activated on almost all phones. With the Call waiting, Call hold, and Call forwarding function, you are informed when someone calls you while you are already making a call. You can hold your current call and answer the incoming call. Moreover, you can also switch between the two calls. In this article, You will learn to Activate Call waiting service, call hold service and call forwarding service.

Call waiting

The call waiting feature informs customers about incoming calls even if the customer is busy talking with another customer. So the customer can switch to another call, making the current call in the hold.

Cost of Call Waiting Service

This service is free in both NTC and Ncell.

How to activate/deactivate Call waiting in Mobile?

To activate or deactivate call waiting in all SIm cards is the same because it is performed by mobile phone, not by sim card.

Directions to use Call Waiting:
  • To activate Call Waiting On for all calls: Dial *43#
  • To activate Call Waiting Off for all calls: Dial #43#
  • For Checking if Call Waiting is On or Off for all calls: Dial *#43#

Call Hold

Call Hold function allows putting the first caller on hold and switch to the second caller, or lets you make another call without interrupting the first call.

Call forwarding

Stay connected anywhere, anytime this service enables you to divert all your incoming calls to any other mobile number or to a landline number of your office or residence when you are busy, out of reach, your mobile the phone is switched off, or when you are talking on the other line.

To activate this service you need to go to Call Forwarding or Call Divert in the call setting menu. Select “divert calls” and enter the number you want to forward or divert your calls to.

How to activate/deactivate Call forwarding?

Here are the procedures to enable or activate call forwarding for different conditions.

  • If you are unable to answer the dial  **61*+977980XXXXXXX# and call.
  • if The mobile phone is switched off or when you are not in the network coverage area **62*+977980XXXXXXX#
  • else, if  the Number is busy dial **67*+977980XXXXXXX#
  • if you want to Forward all calls dial **21*+977980XXXXXXX#
  • If you want To cancel Call Forwarding or Call Divert: ##002#

Call forwarding in Ntc landline

To enable call forwarding in Nepal Telecom landline completely follow to below steps.
Steps for call forwarding
  • Dial *21*phone no# at first, if it works it’s fine otherwise you need to dial below.
  • *21*LC*phone no#. (where LC means the lock code and phone no relates to the number that you want to forward the call).
  • To transfer the call when the dialed number is busy, you need to dial *60*LC*phoneno# Or *60*phoneNo#
  • To transfer call when the number is not picked/answered after 4 call rings, *61*LC*phoneno# Or *61*phoneNo#

Cost of forwarding

Although the activation charge is for free, you need to pay for the transferred call to another number as per your calling rate.