5 Best WiFi Hacking Android apps for 2021 | Easy and free

Best WiFi Hacking Android apps for 2021 | Free & easy

If you want to know, how to hack WiFi passwords in simple ways using the android app, this place is best for you. just go thoroughly with this article and gather knowledge. In this article, we are presenting the 5 best wifi hacking android apps.

No Network is completely secure in this world. There is some flaw in any network or WiFi devices even the most advanced security system is also has some flaw. Ethical hackers are continuously trying to overcome this error but some flaw still exists there.

There are highly secure WiFi security systems like WPA2 + AES, WPA + TKIP/AES, WPA + TKIP, WEP  but there are some methods that have algorithms to break your secure WiFi security. So, It is very compulsory to keep your home WiFi from hacking attempts.

Android is a powerful mobile operating system and available for all based on Linux.  It consists of lots of apps that are able to penetrate WiFi security.

Disclaimer: The WiFi hacking Android apps and tricks described in this article are for educational purposes only, do this work relying on your own risk. Hacking or endeavoring to split another person’s WiFi security without authorization is a criminal offense.

Instruction before using Apps

Before Using the below-mentioned Apps, you need to prepare some things on your Android device which will convert your device into the Linus operating system and make easy for WiFi penetrating task.

  • At first, Your Android device must root for easy flow of hacking task because some application doesn’t support a non-rooted device.
  • The WiFi network which is going to be cracked must be WPS enabled.
  • You must be in a desirable range of the network.

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List of 5 best Free WiFi Hacking Android Apps 2021


Wps Wpa Tester is an application that is used to check the WPS  vulnerabilities of your WiFi network. To use this application with full function, you need to install “busy box” and root your device and it requires Android device OS 4.0 or higher. If not it might not work properly.

Wps Wpa Tester is an application with some intriguing highlights. Other than helping you check the security of your place of access, it likewise gives you a chance to see every one of the passwords for all the WiFi arranges that you’ve associated with from your Android phone.

NOTE: You can connect by testing the pins, but you will unable to see the password without root access.

You can download WPS Wpa Tester from the following links
1. click to download from uptodown.com
2. click to download from Google play

WPS Connect

This application is designed to connect wifi networks that are WPS enabled. WPS Connect is concentrated to check the WPS vulnerability of your route. Many routers have a vulnerability WPS Pin which is default installed by internet service providers.

By using this application, you can check the security of your wifi network, is vulnerable or not. This application is already tested on high-level phones like LG G2, Nexus 5, and Samsung Galaxy s3.
Please use this application only for education purposes, cracking another wifi network may harm you.

NOTE: You can connect by testing the pins, but you will unable to see the password without root access.

You can download WPS Connect from the following links.
1. click to download from uptodown.com
2. Not available in google play

Kali Linux Nethunter

This is the first and very popular open-source Android penetration testing platform. Kali Linux Nethunter is one of the best Free WiFi Password cracker Apps for Android. Be careful to use this device, this application is from an unofficial source so install this application at your own risk. 

Before thinking to use kali’s Nethunter on your android device be sure that your device must be rooted and that you must have installed the application “busybox” to use all the resources of Nethunter.
To use the Nethunter Kali’s Wifi tool need to be launched and it is easy with Nethunter because of the easy configuration process. It requires a custom kernel that is able to support the 802.11 wireless injection method.

The main problem with using this application is that it can’t be installed on all android devices unless android developers develop the custom kernels. but if you are using Galaxy Tab S4 LTE Oreo, Gemini PDA Nougat, Nexus 5 Marshmellow, etc you are lucky because this device has official images of the application you can download from offensive security.

You can download and install Kali Linux NetHunter images from the following link.
1. click to download from offensive security


AndroDumper is a WPS wifi network vulnerability testing android application. for better use of this application, your device must have to root and install” busybox”. IN the case of a non-rooted device you will unable to see saved Wi-Fi passwords on your device. This application has two methods. one of the methods is a rooted method that supports all android versions and the non-rooted method supports only android 5 and above.

In the latest Android 9 Pie, Google has removed the support of WPS for both rooted and nonrooted methods so if you are using the latest Android, you can’t use this method, but this application can be used by the online method.

You can download AndroDumper from the following links.
1. click to download from uptodown.com
2. click to download from Apkmirror.


Wifi Kill is the best android wifi controller application which is able to cut any others wifi on the network so that when you will feel network become slow, you can easily remove other connected user and make faster for you.

This application is simple and easy to use so that it becomes famous. This application is able to cut wifi when the wifi is not protected highly secure. by using this application you will also able to monitor users that are connected to the network.

There are lots of WifiKill Pro APK versions available but WiFiKill Pro 2.3.2 APK is the most stable application and latest for download.

You can download WiFiKill from the following links.
1. click to download from WiFiKill
2. Not available in Google play