How to Check NTC, NCELL, and Smart Cell number (Own Number)

by Yogesh Kunwar

This article covers how to check NTC, Ncell and, Smart cell number. When you bought a new phone number, but you don’t have Sim detail.

Unfortunately, in that situation, someone asked for your number. what would you do? You have the option to call your friend or family member and asking your phone number but if you don’t have these options too, what will you do?

So, don’t worry about this situation we have a solution for that maybe it’s a new phone number, and you can’t remember it. Also, you just need to tell some else how to check the own phone number.

Whatever the case may be, or whichever Sim Card whether Ntc, Ncell, Or Smart Cell. We will tell you the way to check your own phone number whether you have a button-type, iPhone, or Android. It’s really pretty simple to find your number by dialing a simple code on your device.

Thus, I’m going to share a simple trick to know or check my own mobile number in NTC (Namaste), NCELL, and SMART CELL. All these SIM Providers have some special codes to find the number. Let’s explore the method to check your own number for each Provider’s SIM card.


Steps to check NTC, NCELL & SMART CELL number

At First, almost every SIM card company has different ways to do this process and one might seem easier and their other might be difficult as well so be patient and do it step by step, It will definitely take you there.

Let’s discuss the method to check the number of each telecom company one by one, so you don’t have to worry about anything later.


How to check NTC Number?

Nepal Telecom has always put its endeavors in providing its valued customers a quality service since its inception. It has a wide range of features for the convenience of the users.

If you compare it to other competitors like Ncell It has many better-calling packages and better reliability which is a big plus for those who use calling services much often.

But the downside is it has slower internet connectivity than the Ncell where you have to compromise.

How to Check NTC NCELL and SMART CELL number

To check your own NTC number from the phone.

  1. Open the Dial pad first.
  2. Then,  dial *9# and call.
  3. it will provide the NTC  number on the screen.
  4. Attention: This method is only valid for GSM number users. There is no such method created for CDMA users so keep that in mind whoever is using CDMA sim cards.

How to check Ncell Number?

Ncell has a different reputation if you compared it to the NTC. You will get a much faster Internet connection all over Nepal, It also has different data and call packages than the NTC.

Ncell has huge numbers of users all over Nepal just because it has a much better data package system than the other SIM card companies.

How to Check NTC NCELL and SMART CELL number

To check your own Ncell Number.

  1. Go to the Dial pad first.
  2. Then type the USSD  code *103# or * 903# whatever you like.
  3. Both codes work properly without any problem, so you don’t have to worry about that. If you find some problem with one of these codes please mention it below in the comment.
  4. Then click on the dial button, After a few seconds, you will see your number is displayed on the screen.

How to check Smart Cell number?

Smart Telecom, the third-largest telecom company in Nepal, is a private company providing telecom services that are actively involved in meeting the needs of Nepalese citizens for easy access to information and communication by providing them quality services.

It doesn’t have a bigger impact on the Nepali market if you compare it to the other mention brands like Ntc and Ncell, but you can try it and take it into consideration.

How to Check or find Own Namaste(NTC), NCELL, and SMART CELL number

To check own Smart Cell Mobile number.

  1. Go to the Dial pad first.
  2. Then, dial  *134# USSD code in the dialer section and click on the call button. 
  3. After a few seconds, you will see your number is displayed on the screen. That’s it as simple as that.

I hope this article helped you know how you can check your own NTC, NCELL, and Smart Cell Mobile number.

If you want to know other information like this please leave a comment below.

We will be happy to hear from you.


Summary to check NTC, NCELL, and SMART CELL Number

Sim cardTo dial
NTC ( Namaste )*9#
Ncell*103# or *903#
Smart cell*134#

Thus, I just mentioned all the required information on this topic hope you guys will understand quite easily.

also, take my words these Steps look easy for you, but more people are unknown to these methods so help them by teaching these easy methods which will definitely be helpful for them as well.

Hence, share this method with your friends, family, and relatives so that everyone gets familiar with these daily useful tips and knows the different ideas on them.

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[…] This is the first method using a dial pad to check the NTC number sim card owner name. You have to follow these simple steps which I’ve summed up below.   Step 1: Just open up your Dial pad right away   Step 2: Type the code *922# and press the call button   Step 3: That’s it, the Name of the SIM Card owner Pops up on your screen   If you want to check ntc Number click here👉 How to Check Own mobile number in Namaste(NTC), NCELL, and SMART CELL […]


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