Important numbers/codes in NTC for subscription, offers

Important numbers/codes in NTC for subscription, offers

Important numbers/codes in NTC for subscription offers

There are many USSD codes, SMS codes, and numbers for the call to subscribing to different services provided by Nepal telecom but all information has been scattered on different pages so people find it difficult to find all information. In this article, we tried to keep all types of codes/numbers on a single page so that everyone can easily find the required code or numbers without any hassle.

This list also includes the Important contact numbers on which you can register your problems.

Important Codes for Mobile Service

This list contains the code required for knowing the latest offer, check balance, check owner name, Check Your Mobile Number, call Forward Activate/Deactivate/Cancel, Call Waiting Activate/Cancel, balance transfer, find Security Code, ISD, CRBT Activate, Namaste Credit, MCA activation, FNF Activation, etc.

USSD Codes
➥To Know Latest Offers *1415# Dial
8 Direct recharge in GSM (Namaste / NT) *411*Pin no# or *412*Pin no# 
➥To Check Balance *400# Dial
➥To Check Your Mobile Number *9# Dial
➥To Check Your SIM Owner *922# Dial
➥To Call Forward Activate **21*98xxxxxxxx*Forwarding Number# Dial
➥To Call Forward Cancel ##002# Dial
➥To Call Waiting Activate *43# Dial
➥To Call Waiting Cancel #43# Dial
➥To Transfer Balance Transfer *422*SecurityCode*mobile number*Rs# Dial
➥To Activate ISD Service #331*0000# Dial
➥To Deactivate ISD Service *331*0000# Dial
➥To Activate MCA Service *1400*1# Dial
➥To Deactivate MCAService *1400*2# Dial
10 Ntc caller tunes/CRBT Call 1455 or *1455# More at How to subscribe CRBT in Ntc.

➽SMS service
➥To get Security Code Type SCODE and Send to SMS to 1415
➥To activate CRBT  Type SUB and send to 1455
➥To Deactivate CRBT  Type UNSUB and send to 1455
➥To activate NAMASTE CREDIT Type START and send to 1477
➥To Deactivate NAMASTE CREDIT Type STOP and send to 1477
➥To activate FNF Service  Type FNFSUB9841xxxxxx  and send to 1415
➥To activate FNF Service Type FNFADD01488xxxx and send to 1415
To activate NT Pro subscription Type “sub ntpro” and send it to 1428.

Important Numbers for Landline, ADSL, FTTH

➥To check the Bill Inquiry  Type CB*01488xxxx  and send to 1415
➥To check the ADSL Offer Validity Type  VL*NTADSL01488xxxx and send to 1415
➥To check the ADSL Balance Inquiry Type BL*NTADSL01488xxxx and send to 1415
➥To check the PSTN bill inquiry Call 1606 

Important Numbers of Ntc customer care center for complain and information query

You can dial the different Below Listed NTC customer care helpline numbers to find information or to register a complaint about NTC services. 
➥For Landline Telephone Repair Call 198
➥For FTTH Repair Call 198
➥For Landline Number Inquiry Call 197
➥For Mobile Customer Support Call 1498
➥For Lost number block Call 1415 
➥For CDMA complain Call 191 
VOIP Call Complain 188

Others Important Numbers

SLC/SEE result Call 1600 Read more here.

The access code for cheap international calls Put 1424 in front of international number

Notice board service 1610 for recording, 1618 for listening 

Plus 2 results, Bachelors, Masters result (TU) 1601, 1602 —- 

For Grade 12 Results Type NEB Symbol No. and Send it to 1601