How To Disable OnStar GPS Tracking

How To Disable OnStar GPS Tracking ? Complete Guide

This article gives you complete detail on “how to disable Onstar GPS tracking from your vehicle“.

You can get OnStar GPS tracking devices while you are purchasing a new vehicle. Using these OnStar GPS tracking devices you can get Turn by turn directions to your destination. You can also make free hands phone calls and have access to emergency crash response and stolen vehicle assistance.

However, this OnStar GPS tracking device comes with a monthly subscription fee, and then you have to pay.

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But after the free subscription is completed and if you want to unsubscribe from the OnStar GPS device tracking system then you cannot do it just by disconnecting the fuse or disabling the subscription.

Because They will still keep track of your records. so if you want to keep the secret of your privacy you have to disconnect the GPS tracking system from your vehicle.

The process of removing an OnStar GPS tracking device from your vehicle is a little bit tricky and harder so you better follow the method step by step.

How to disable OnStar GPS tracking?

This section includes the complete step on How to disable the OnStar GPS tracking system. Also, you will get the different places where OnStar is located.

Location of Onstar GPS tracking device.

Normally, the OnStar module is located on the backside of your car which is easily accessed through the trunk. However, in some vehicles, this device is located in other places like glove boxes, or in bigger trucks, it is located under the plastic cover of the stereo. 

Steps to Disable OnStar GPS Tracking Devices.

So let’s start the disabling process step by step.

Step 1cancel your Subscription using the OnStar customer service helpline

To Stop using Onstar System, You may cancel at any time by pushing your blue OnStar button or by calling 1.888. 4ONSTAR (1.888. 466.7827).

During the call, the agent will speak with you and will ask about some information during the process you need to speak with them then after service, OnStar GPS Tracking will be deactivated.

However, after the service is deactivated OnStar system will still track your data for some purposes like marketing.

So to completely deactivate the system from your vehicle you have to disconnect the OnStar module physically.

How To Disable OnStar GPS Tracking

Step 2Turn Off the Ignition

So first of all turn off the ignition and engage the parking brake so that your vehicle doesn’t move while working.

How To Disable OnStar GPS Tracking

Step 3Lift the trunk liner

In most vehicles, the OnStar module is located backside so you need to lift the trunk. 

Then you can easily get free space to remove the Spare tire.

How To Disable Onstar GPS Tracking

Step 4Remove the Spare Tyre

Most Vehicle carries Spare tire, so if you have a spare tire then you have to remove it to access the OnStar module. Normally, the Spare tire is fixed with a Center wingnut so that the wheel does not move anywhere. 

So to remove the Spare tire use tool to unscrew the nut by turning counterclockwise.  After losing the wingnut remove the Spare tire from the vehicle. 

Step 5Remove the Cargo Net and Metal Plate.

In some vehicles, you might find the cargo net in the trunk, in that case, you only need to remove four screws to take out the cargo net and metal plate simultaneously. 

If your vehicle does not have a cargo net in the trunk, then you can find the metal plate in the corner of the trunk. after locating the metal plate remove the four screws and remove the metal plate.

Step 6:  Pull the top right of the trunk shell

When you have completed removing the net and metal plate from the trunk now you have to pull the top right of the trunk shell to show the Onstar device.

When you pull, you will see the metal box there with OnStar Logo on that which is Onstar GPS Tracking Device.

You don’t need to remove the cover entirely because you can see the OnStar device without completely taking out the shell.

Step 7: Disconnect Related wires 

After locating the Onstar Device you will also find the three wires connected to that Device. 

Therefore, to completely disconnect the OnStar GPS Device, you need to unplug these three wires from the OnStar Device.

Step 8: Reassemble the vehicle Configuration.

When you are able to remove the OnStar device from the vehicle you need to reassemble the vehicle to return back to normal mode.

Position the metal plate and cargo net back in place and re-insert the four screws. Put the spare tire back to place and tighten the wingnut.

If your vehicle has an Onstar device in the Glovebox or under the stereo then resembles the Glovebox and stereo cover.