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2 Quick-Methods To Change Name In COC [For Free]

This article gives you complete detail on “how to change name in clash of clans for free and also by using gems“.

Wondering how to change your name in Clash Of Clans? If your answer is yes, then NO BRAINER you have landed in the right place.

If you are feeling like you are not getting as much appreciation from your game username, then probably you should know how to change name in COC.  No matter how pro you are, if your game username doesn’t resonate with your actual personality and your gaming fashion skills, there’s no complete happiness and joy in playing!

So in this blog guide, we have covered up multiple ideas to let you know the different methods of changing names in Clash Of Clans whether it’s for free, for the first time, 2nd time, or it is without using gems.

Read the complete article to find out how to change your Clash of Clans username easily.

How To Change Name In Clash Of Clans?

There are multiple ways you can change your name in Clash Of Clans. Among all those, this is the easiest accessible and low costlier way that you can prefer. If you are changing the name in Clash of Clans for the first time, then you can follow the steps listed below. But before that keep in mind the below-listed terms and conditions.

Rules to follow for changing your Clash of Clans name:

  • Do not use special characters (Symbols, accent marks, and punctuation marks)
  • Supercell can convert any names that they find inappropriate at any time, for that compensation is not provided

Free Method #1: Changing name for the first time

Changing names in the Clash Of Clans is kind of like a cherry on the top after achieving Town Hall level 5. After unlocking TH 5, you are accessible to change the name easily:

  • At first, Open And Let Your Clash of Clans game to Run 
  • After That Click On the Right Corner option, Setting window
  • Go with More Settings and then click Change name Button
  • Enter The new name that you want to modify
  • Press Continue and retype to confirm
  • Again Click on Continue Button To proceed
  • At the final, type Confirm and then press the okay button
  • Now, You are done with the process.
how to change your name in clash of clans
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Keep in mind:  For every player free feature to change username only Unlocks after reaching TH level 5.

Free Method #2: Contact The Clash of Clans Support Team

You might wonder how to change name in clash of clans for free? Sounds unrealistic right! But yes, if you are changing your Coc username for the second time or it’s your attempt to change for the third time. There’s a way out to make it work, just follow the below-given method.

There is nothing to get worried about if you don’t have gems for changing your name. Well, simply what you have to do is “write a message to the Supercell Support Team”. 

If you act friendly, you are most likely to get the job done easily and quickly.

A huge majority of players affirm that after 5 or 6 days they had received an email from Supercell Support regarding the approval in the suggested name change.

Ways Of Contacting The Supercell Support Team

1. Supercell support (within the game)

how to change name in coc 2nd time
  • Open Clash of Clans Game on your phone
  • Open the game Settings
  • Select Help and Support
  • Scroll down a little down the page
  • Press Contact Us.

2. Supercell support (Through website)

All you need to do is click this link and click on “contact us.”

You can write something like this

Hello SuperCell Support team,

I am using my real name in game as the nickname and I am always feeling uncomfortable because of this. I really want to change my game username from "Old Name" to "New Name". As I don't want to reveal anything about me if you want I always can send you a copy of my ID Card.

Thank you very much

Note: Might take 8 -10 days after sending the message so, have the patient for waiting!


Proof: How to change your name in clash of clans without gems?

how to change name in clash of clans
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how to change your name in clash of clans

If Nothing Works! Pay Gems To Change your Name

If you are changing your name for the first time, then you will be genuinely able to change your name very easily. Moreover, luckily you may be able to change your Clash of clans name approaching the Supercell support. Besides all that, you’ll need to spend some gems. Every time you change your name you will be charged more gems as compared to the previous one. So how to change name in coc 2nd time? It is simple as that…

  • 2nd name change – 500 gems
  • 3rd name change – 1000 gems
  • 4th name change – 1500 gems
  • 5th name change – 2000 gems

The algorithm is each time you change your name it will cost you 500 gems more, until the maximum limit i.e 10,000 gems. As well as you must have to wait for the 7 days after the process to get your new username.

That’s why make sure whenever you will change the name THINK HIGH to select your name. Otherwise, you will have to buy gems with real money or earn them by completing the tasks. For official information, click here to read more …     

Clash On!!!Safe Spell!!!

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