How to Root Android Devices Without Computer

How to Root Android Devices Without Computer

How to Root Android Devices without a computer

By getting the root access to your android devices you will able to use much more features and lets you to customize your phone in your own way. There are lots of android devices are available so no single rooting method is perfect for all the devices. Rooting can be done either by connecting phone with PC or directly by installing the rooting application to the phone. Rooting by Computer is quite more effective than doing it directly on the android phone. There are many advantages and some risks are still exist there. Read the below information before started rooting.

  • Your Device must be Device powered on.
  • Your device Must have at least 50% battery power.
  • Internet connection required(for online rooting)
  • This application is not verified from google play store so you need to allow to install the app from unknown sources.

NOTE: Warranty of your device may void if you have rooted your device. It might likewise make the gadget temperamental or if not done appropriately, may totally brick the device. Root at your own risk and just in the event that you know what you are doing.

Among the varieties of the rooting method, here in this article, you are going to learn to root by Kingo Root Application. Rooting can be done by Kingo Root with or without a computer so you need to download the application . to download the Kingo Root application click below download button and start rooting by using following steps.
Before proceeding to root your application Backup you phones data for data loss risk. Read more about backing up your phone data.
How to Backup Android phone

Steps to Root Android using Kingo Root

1. At First Download the Kingo Root Application.

2. Install the Kingo Root Application.

How to root android devices without computer

3. Launch “Kingo ROOT” app. Kingo Root is very user-friendly and easy to use. Click “Have Root ” to start the rooting process and wait for some time for successful rooting the device.

How to root android devices without computer

 After Sometime Screen will appear saying that rooting is successful or not.

Steps to check Whether Your device is Rooted Or not

1. Check Wheather Your phone is rooted or not. Here I’m using Root Checker  Application for checking the Root level of my device. You can download this application on google play store.

2. Open the Root Checker, Click Verify Root. It will ask to allow so just click allow button for further process.

How to root android devices without computer

3. My device is Rotted Properly so it showed “Congratulations! Root Access is properly installed on this device”. Check your device like this.

How to root android devices without computer

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