Earn The Money From YouTube with ads in 2021 – Generate Passive Income

Earn money on YouTube with ads in 2019

Earn money on YouTube by running ads on your Videos

YouTube is a video sharing medium where clients can watch, like, comment, and share their own creations. Among the most earning medium, this is one of the highest-paid sites. In YouTube, anyone can simply start earning YouTube money by uploading their own videos while stealing or remodifying other content is illegal.

Before applying for YouTube monetization, you need to know some of the important considerations that are very necessary for you to exist on the YouTube platform.  In the past year’s YouTube does,t have any policy to monetize your videos but after seeing a lot of peoples using other creator’s content to make money then YouTube decides to provide some restriction while uploading content which is good for the original creators.

  • You must have enough engaged audience.
  • You must have 4000 watch hours in the previous 12 months.
  • You must have at least 1000 subscribers.
  • You must be aware of the program availability in your country.
  • if you are thinking to upload age-restricted videos on YouTube you must know that it won’t be monetized with ads either YouTube can remove your video or your AdSense account would be disabled after three community guideline strikes.

What types of videos should we upload on YouTube?

There are many types of videos on YouTube but some of them are earning higher and some others are earning less. In this blog, I will give you some tips for good earning video ideas. here are some of the most earning videos idealist, you can start making by choosing one of them.

1. Product review videos

This is one of the most viewed content on YouTube. Most of the people in this era first look at the product review before buying. If you are making genuine and trusted videos, this type of video can take you to peak earning.

2. How to make videos

People are going crazy for making their own things that’s why how to make videos are searching mostly this day. This type of video can attract people in a huge amount considerably increasing the earning.

3. Gaming videos

Gaming Videos are mostly searched by the age of 12 – 25 years old people. Kids of this time are crazy about games and they are searching for this type of video to improve the gaming scores and Making these types of videos is quite easier than others.

4. Comedy videos

Making People laugh is the best thing in the world. If your videos can laugh people, your channel is going to get lots of audience engagement.

5. Beauty tips videos

This type of video is also getting famous over the beauty lovers especially this attracts girls.  

6. Top Videos

Top videos like top 10 beautiful girls in the world, top 5 richest countries, etc are also getting popularity in this society. hence making this type of video also can earn more than you think.

How to increase earning on YouTube?

1. Target tags with high CPC

Certain keywords pay more than others. In this example “How to create a YouTube channel and make money” will earn more than other keywords because it has more CPC. 
That’s why it is better to use the highest CPC keyword in the Tag while uploading the video.

Earn money on YouTube with ads

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2. Make good Thumbnail

Thumbnails play the most important role in the video’s release. being good content itself isn’t enough to get more views.  This is the reason thumbnails, in combination with titles, are often the greatest deciding factor in whether or not a will person click to watch a video.

How to make youtube thumbnail
To make a good thumbnail you must match the following specification.
  • 1280×720 resolution (with the minimum width of 640 pixels)
  • JPG, GIF, BMP, or PNG image formats
  • Under the 2MB limit
  • 16:9 aspect ratio

3. Give a good title and description

A title, as well as description, is also very important while uploading videos. if you choose a good title it might be clicked more resulting in views and visitor engagement.

Earn The Money From YouTube with ads in 2021 - Generate Passive Income

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