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Best online shopping sites in Nepal | Genuine Sites

Nepal is known as a developing country, with many startups in business ventures, the majority of peoples wants to use an e-commerce website for convenience every day. Online shopping has become very popular among people living in the major cities of Nepal. Also, People are searching for the best online shopping sites are available in Nepal.

Moreover, An E-commerce website has a huge impact on how a consumer interacts with a seller as a whole. With the rise of the internet, the way people shop in Nepal changed a lot these days. Various national and international companies are in a race to give Nepalese consumers a better experience with online shopping.

The E-commerce market in Nepal is worth around $25 million. It is experiencing a growth of 300% annually. After watching the growth every day the e-commerce becomes more competitive for companies. Therefore, helping them to grow along with a healthy competition. Huge discount events practiced by huge companies like Amazon & Alibaba can be seen in Nepal now.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any inconvenience caused by any sites listed below and it is solely dependent on your choice of site selections.

List of Best online shopping sites in Nepal

There are already more than hundreds of Online Shopping Sites in Nepal in 2020. This leads to confusion among the Consumers and Customers on choosing the best shopping sites for their day-to-day shopping experience. Therefore, We have listed of Best e-commerce sites in Nepal that focus on good service and welcoming internet users in the growth of e-commerce.

Daraz is one of the fastest-growing online marketplace operating in South Asian countries Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Nepal. This e-commerce website provides you a lot of products including consumer electronics, fashion, and beauty products, alongside rapidly growing general products.

Best online shopping sites in Nepal

Daraz is currently ranked in the first place in Nepal because of the availability of products and their quality. They have recently updated their app to include more products and features. 

Daraz has been my very first priority while buying products online. They offer only cash on delivery option for the payment to date.

The delivery of Daraz is also great so you can trust them easily. It ships products to most of the cities of Nepal. There’s almost everything listed on the site that is needed in daily life.

  • Payment options: VISA, Mastercard, and Cash on delivery
  • Famous for: Groceries, Lifestyle, Outdoor, Baby, and Electronics

Sastodeal is also a reputed Online Shopping Brand that has been working inside the discipline of the net for a long time and offering exceptional online shopping experience to the customers.

Best online shopping sites in Nepal

This site gives you all the products in all categories like Men’s, Women’s, and Kids’ garb, footwear, accessories, and extra. Sastodeal also provides a wide range of serves for online buying of merchandise from Electronics, Gadgets, Home Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, and plenty of greater.

  • Payment options: eSewa, Sctnpay, and Cash on delivery
  • Famous for: Gadgets, Mobile phones, and Fashionable clothes

NepBay is a revolution in the context of the online Business marketplace in Nepal. It has a wide variety of products available. The service was started way back in 2007 with the sole purpose of uplifting the online business in Nepal. With 100s of Shops selling 25,000+ products in 700+ categories across Nepal. If you want to buy products from online you can definitely consider this platform as well.

Best online shopping sites in Nepal

NepBay started an online directory of products and shops in Kathmandu Valley eventually transformed itself into an online mall and finally into the people’s marketplace of Nepal. NepBay has built itself into an e-commerce powerhouse, and the result of that now NepBay serves over 5000+ businesses and entrepreneurs in Nepal through its ecosystem of solutions and services catered through 5  different companies under the parent organization Thulo Group.

  • Payment options: Sctnpay, Paypal, MasterCard, and Ebanking from various banks
  • Famous for: Electronics, Handicrafts, Furniture, Books, Groceries, and Home decor

Muncha is one of the oldest and leading departmental stores in Nepal, located in New Road known as the heart of the capital. It provides services over eight decades by retailing, wholesaling, and also supplying business organizations with their daily necessities. Muncha is a super digital shopping mall, where you can find all your required products very easily. 

Best online shopping sites in Nepal

Just like the other online shopping sites It also provides you unlimited varieties of products with the best quality services which every customer wants from the online services. You can shop online at Muncha by just staying at home saving time and energy and getting your goods delivered to their doorstep at a reasonable price with great service as well.

  • Payment options: VISA, Mastercard, iPay, and Cash on delivery
  • Famous for: Electronics, Gifts, Beverages, Clothing, and Jewelry

You might already hear about eBay, Quicker & Olx just like those in Nepal the Hmarobazar provides you the way to buy and sell your products online from your home. It is the first choice for Buying and Selling Products Online in Nepal. Hamrobazaar gives you plenty of features to manage your products to sell and also buy at a reasonable price.

Best online shopping sites in Nepal believes that the Internet is a great promotional vehicle as well as a communication channel for connecting buyers and sellers. is a perfect solution that helps to list your products for free. Call and contact directly to the seller and buy products as simple as that.

Okdam is also a very popular e-commerce website to buy products online. As the name suggests has many products ranging from electronics to kitchen and home appliances at the reasonable price. It is based on an online store company based in Kathmandu but has shipping privilege all over the countries in major cities just like the other shopping sites. 


Ok dam e-commerce website has diverse products with high security of personal data, hence loved by many. Their motive of bringing all the reputed brands and products under the same roof online has been a success. As they say, Reach us on the internet, we’ll reach you to your doorsteps.

  • Payment options: eSewa, Visa, Union Pay, and Cash on delivery
  • Famous for: Gadgets, Mobile phones, Books, Clothes and Home Kitchen is one of the leading, quick, and reliable online shopping sites in Nepal. In addition, It has the widest assortment of 10 Thousand plus products across 500 plus diverse categories. All the products and categories from national, global brands and retailers.

Best online shopping sites in Nepal | Genuine Sites

Shop online in Nepal whenever you want to get genuine products delivered to your doorstep from your favorite brands with express shipping. On this site, you can find the best products from a wide range of smartphones, mobiles, laptops, men’s and women’s clothing, kid’s wear, shoes, watches, and other accessories online. 

  • Payment options: eSewa, SCT nPay, Paypal, and Cash on delivery
  • Famous for: Clothes, Appliances, Events, and Outdoor


In this modern world, online shopping is increasing day by day and these types of platforms have great potential to serve great products and services in Nepal. With Growth by the rapid multiplication of parts of smartphones and online communities, people have started to prefer these portals for their shopping needs. App-based online shopping in Nepal has also grown significantly.

lastly, If you know any popular online shopping websites in Nepal which are not on our list you can definitely comment below we will be happy to share with our other readers as well.

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