Web Hosting, How To Get Free Hosting?

by Rey Sagar
Web Hosting

Web Hosting 🅦🅦🅦.

A web hosting services is a kind of Internet hosting service that enables people or organization to build their own site open to everyone by the world wide web medium. Web hosts companies provide storage space on the database server and also provide internet connectivity.

Types of Web hosting

  1. Colocation web hosting
  2. Managed web hosting
  3. Cloud Web hosting
  4. Virtual Dedicated Server
  5. Shared web hosting
  6. Reseller web hosting
  7. Clustered hosting
  8. Grid hosting
  9. Home server
  10. Dedicated hosting

What is a web server?

Web server is the place where your files are stored. It helps visitors to access your files when they click your website 

How to get free hosting?

www.blogger.com is the best option for those who don’t want to spend much money on hosting their site. It is free to sign up and publish your blog through the subdomain blogspot.com.
If you want to remove the blogspot form your blog, you can purchase your domain from the third party and you can connect to the blogger.

Can a free hosted blog be monetized?

Yes, Google is providing a completely free platform for bloggers. To show ads on the google blogger your blog must be at least 6-month  old. If you have once approved with Adsense you can make 100 of a blog and connect with the one Adsense account to monetize the site. 

How much time will take to approve a new blog for Adsense?

Normally, Adsense approves for monetization within 48 hours only if your blog looks good and compiles the Adsense terms and condition.if you don’t get any reply till then it might take 4-7 days extra to get approval.

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