How to transfer the balance from NTC to NTC | 2021 Updated

Nepal Telecom returns with the balance transfer service in GSM prepaid with a new system. GSM Prepaid customers can send their balance in the range from Rs. 10 to Rs.500/Transfer & a maximum of 20 transfers per day. To transfer the balance from NTC to NTC first you need to have the security code of your sim card then only you can able to transfer the balance.

In this article, you will also get the procedure to find the security code needed for the balance transfer also, the new benefit of this new balance transfer system is you can directly put the balance amount in Rupees instead of paisa. The before you need to enter the transfer balance in paisa for example If you want to transfer 20 rupees then you had to enter 20000 but now you can directly enter 20. this system made everyone easy for transferring the balance and left no confusion.

How to transfer the balance from NTC to NTC

There are two methods for transferring the balance from NTC to NTC. The First method is to transfer the balance by dialing the numbers and the other one is using the NTC mobile application. The mobile application is a very convenient method for this type of service.

Transfer the balance using Dialing the Numbers

This is a very basic and little complicated method so you have to understand the following steps to transfer the balance from the GSM number.
  • At first, you need a security code I have explained below how you can get the security code.
  • After getting the security code you need to dial the number *422* Security Code * Phone number of receiver * amount to be transferred #.
  • From this method, the balance will transfer from your GSM prepaid number in NTC.
  • You can also transfer the amount to the CDMA number as well.
  • Allowed Transfer:  Rs. 10 – Rs.500/Transfer & maximum 20 transfer per day.

Transfer the balance using the Android mobile application

This Application is free and convenient to use the available NTC service so I recommended installing this application on your mobile phone if you want to be more smatter than others.

How to transfer the balance from NTC to NTC | 2021 | Updated


You can easily use services like purchasing data packs, voice packs, bill payments, you can also know the tariffs, usage history, F& F service, and balance transfer service also in a very easy way. To transfer the balance using this application you just need to enter the contact no to whom you want to transfer the balance and the amount to be sent.

How to Get the Security Code of NTC?

Before the improvement of this service, you always suffered for searching the card of NTC sim which you received during purchasing the SIM, to find the security code to transfer the balance and if you lost that card you needed to visit the NTC office to get the code but now the system has improved a lot and NTC has provided the facility to get the security code just by sending the small SMS.

How to transfer the balance from NTC to NTC | 2021 | Updated

To get the Security Code of NTC You have to type scode in the message and send it to 1415.

After sending the SMS you will receive the message that contains the security code if for any reason you didn’t the message then you can contact the NTC office for the code or you can visit the NTC office also. 

Please Carry your Citizenship card while you visit the office because they will ask for your identity proof before they provide the code.

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