How to make youtube shorts

How To Make YouTube Shorts In 5 Minutes | Everything You Need To Know

In the article, you will find the complete detail about how to make YouTube shorts in a 5 min.

Before I tell you about making YouTube shots and get viral, first you need to understand what is YouTube shorts all about.

We know the other apps that offer this type of feature like TikTok and then Instagram reels now YouTube shots.

Because these platforms know that the demand of these type of videos is very high and a lot of people wants to make these type of video & share it as much as possible.

That’s why YouTube also decided to implement it in a different way so they can stick their audience on their platform.

Introduction: YouTube Shorts Beta

YouTube Shorts Beta is being considered as a new way of connecting people using their smartphones and normal phones camera. it doesn’t need to be a high-quality camera to record a youtube shorts video. Therefore it’s becoming popular these days.

If you open the YouTube mobile app and look for the plus button at the bottom of the homepage. You can record shorts video for 15 seconds using the Shorts camera. if you want to make a longer video then you can the “15” above the record button to switch to 60 seconds. This feature is only available If you have access to Shorts beta.

Youtube Shorts is still in beta. Everyone can watch Shorts and create them with YouTube’s short-form video creation tools available globally in the YouTube app.

What to do if you don’t have access to the Youtube shorts beta

The YouTube Shorts feature is now available globally. However, if you are not able to use this feature, first you need to check whether your youtube app is updated or not. 

Also, You don’t need Shorts beta to upload a Short, you can record a vertical video under 60 seconds externally and upload it. Youtube will automatically detect it as a short video.

But if you want to use Shorts editing features you need to access this feature.

How to make Youtube shorts Video

YouTube creators and artists who want to shoot short, catchy videos will now have fun and an easy way to create shorts. 

This is a new way to express yourself by creating a shorts video in just 15 or fewer seconds. As Creating YouTube shorts are simple and easy to make, we don’t need to hustle to make a video.

To make a youtube shorts video, you only need a smartphone. Therefore, it is easy to create the shorts video on the way you go and as it is a short video it doesn’t take time.

You can take the reference of the below-given steps to make your own YouTube Shorts video.

How to Record YouTube Shorts

The first step to make a youtube shorts video is recording the shorts. Follow the below steps to record a Youtube shorts video.

You will get three features on the right side of the screen while recording a shorts video. They are The flip function,  The speed function, The video timer.

Flip Function

Flip Function is used to switch the camera from rear to front or vice versa. It makes it easy for shooting video with a dual camera.

Speed Function

Speed Function is also very useful while shooting the video in fast-motion or slow-motion.

You can choose the speed from 0.3x to 3x. Therefore you can record the slow-motion video by choosing the option below 1x and if you want to make a fast video choose the value greater than 1x.

Video Timer Function

The Video timer feature is very useful while recording a slow video. Youtube shorts also have included this feature in it. Therefore you can feel marvelous while shooting the youtube shorts video.

The timer can be to a maximum of 15 seconds and also you can choose the count down timer which counts the second before recording.

Steps to Record YouTube Shorts

Once you understand the recording methods now you can start recording by choosing the option from flip, speed, or timer feature.

  • You can start recording by clicking the red button and to stop the recording you can press the stop button.
  • If you want to make a video longer than 15 seconds just click 15 above the record button.
You can record a minimum video leath of 15 seconds and maximum leanths of 60 secods.

You can also us the music fromt the library but the original audio from other videos is limited to 15 seconds.

  • If you want to make the speed up or slow the video you can use the Speed function option.
  • Also, if you want to use the timer function, you can tap the timer and set it to the time as per your requirement but the maximum timer can be set is 15 seconds.
  • To remove the previous video clip you recorded you can use undo button or if you want to take it back use the redo button.

How to add music to youtube shorts

Youtube has also enabled the feature to add music like in other famous applications like TikTok, Instagram,  Likee, Dubsmash, Snapchat, etc.

You can use music in the video for up to 15 seconds without getting copyright claims or strikes.

Steps to add music to youtube shorts ( During Recording)

to add the music on youtube shorts during recording, Just follow the below instructions.

  1. First , Tap the plus icon on the homepage of the YouTube app and Select Create a Short.
  2. Click, Add Music at the top of the screen.
  3. you can use the search bar to search for music. Also, there is a Favorite option to save your beloved tracks.
  4. Next, tap the blue button with a black arrow to add the music to your Shorts.
  5. Then, press the red button to start recording. The music will play as you are recording the youtube shorts video.

Steps to add music after recording the Video.

to add the music on youtube shorts after recording, Just follow the below instructions.

  1. First, record the video with or without using youtube shorts. you can record it externally by making horizontal videos.
  2. Next, Click Music which you can find at the bottom left corner.
  3. Then, you can search for music as above and add the music to your shorts by clicking the blue button with a black arrow.
  4. for perfect synchronization of the music track with your video, you can use some adjustments. You won’t find the whole editing feature however you can click adjust and slide track for a little modification.

How to Upload a YouTube Short

Once you have completed the above steps now you are ready to upload the video. You can follow the below steps to upload youtube shorts.

  1. Write the eye-catching title.
  2. Set the video’s visibility to the public, unlisted, or private.
  3. If you want to upload a video later you can use the schedule.
  4. Select theater it is made for kids or not
  5. Finally, Tap Upload to publish your youtube shorts video.
After you record your video, make sure to add the #shorts hashtag in the video's title or description to allow YouTube to recommend or promote your Shorts video.

How to make youtube shorts viral

Once you created a video next step is to make your videos popular. so Follow the below steps to make your youtube shorts viral.

Add thumbnail to your video

Thumbnail is the important factor to increase the click-through rate of your video so consider adding an attractive thumbnail to your video. youtube shorts don’t consider thumbnail that much important.

However, if your videos are featured in youtube search, browse feature, and most important youtube suggestion thumbnail plays import role to increase the views.

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