how to convert youtube video into text

Transcribe YouTube Videos Into Text | Convert Without CC To Text Easily [Free]

Have you ever thought about how to convert YouTube videos to text? If you were we are here to find that solution for you.

As we Analysis the Audience from our YouTube videos normally gets around 33 % of the watch time comes from outside of their local area or country.

Therefore, we can clearly understand that it is possible to increase international audiences when we use tools to transcribe YouTube videos to text and be more reachable to people who don’t understand our language.

Moreover, the Translated metadata may improve a video’s reach and accessibility. 

Also, the Translated video titles and descriptions can display in YouTube search results for viewers who understand other languages.

How to convert YouTube videos To Text?

Here in this list, you will find the best methods to transcribe YouTube videos to text quickly.

1. Use the automatic captioning Tool From YouTube

YouTube videos are now able to generate transcribed automatically using Google’s Speech Recognition technology.

As we know Captions are a great way to make content accessible for viewers of different diversions. 

YouTube’s transcription tool is the easiest method to convert videos to text captions. This method is free to use so this is most popular among people.

How to transcribe YouTube Videos to text with Automatic Captioning?

  • Sign in to YouTube Studio
  • Find ‘Subtitles’ in the left-hand menu and click on that
  • Click on the video to which you want to add or edit the subtitles
  • Under ‘Subtitles,’ click the three dots representing ‘More’ next to the subtitles you need to edit
  • Review and edit or delete anything that’s inaccurate or doesn’t need to be there.

To get a transcript from an existing video:

  • Open your video on YouTube itself (as opposed to in YouTube Studio)
  • Click on the three dots under the right-hand corner of your video next to ‘Save’
how to convert youtube video to text
  • Click on ‘Open transcript’
  • That’s it, after that you will see something like this.

If you want to see how to do it visually, then check out the  Best Way to Download Youtube Videos In 2021.

how to convert youtube video to text

2. Use Google Docs to Transcribe YouTube Videos to text

Another google transcribe tool is Google Docs which can be used to transcribe YouTube videos to text.  Google Docs is featured with a built-in voice typing feature. 

Therefore we can use it to translate voice into text by speaking. However, This Feature is only available on Chrome right now, so you might not able to use this feature if you’re using a different browser.

How to use Google Docs in Chrome?

  • Open Chrome
  • Open a new Google Doc by typing on google.
  • Click on ‘Tools’
  • Click on ‘Voice typing’ and look for a microphone icon.

How to transcribe a youtube video to text?

  • Open a second browser window and set the two side-by-side
  • Open the video you wish to transcribe
  • Click on your Docs window
  • Click on the microphone icon
  • When it turns red, it’s recording
  • Hit ‘Play’ on your video

As you start speaking the words will appear on the screen but it may not be exactly as you see in the video but you can always have the option to edit it later then only you can upload the transcript once you’ve completed it.

Best YouTube to text converter (Top Third Party youtube transcript generator)

Apart from the YouTube Automatic transcription tool, there are many other third-party transcribe tools out there. Among them, most of them charge some money for converting your videos to text.

However, These tools are going to save lots of time as well as the work that you might find they give you excellent value. Moreover, you can choose the right tool depending on your budget. 

Here are some of the best YouTube-to-text converter Third Party transcribing tools.

HappyScribe – Transcribe YouTube Video to Text [Our Best Pick]

Happy Scribe uses the latest automatic transcription technology and the best professional transcribers to transcribe your YouTube videos and meetings with the best quality in the market.

How to transcribe YouTube Videos to text with Happy Scribe?
  • Import your YouTube video – Select ‘Public link’ in the uploader and paste the URL of your YouTube video to import.
  • Select the language of the video – It supports more than 120 languages, dialects, and accents.
  • Choose “Machine generated” or “Human-made” – automatic transcription software is 85% accurate and human service is 99% accurate.
  • Receive your transcript – It takes a few minutes for automatic transcription. If you want the human service, your transcript will be ready within 24 hours.
  • Click on “Export” and choose your preferred file format – You can download transcripts as a  TXT, DOCX, PDF, HTML, and many more file types. (Best Alternative For YouTube Video to Text)

Rev’s transcription service helps you capture more value from your recorded audio. Rev is not a machine or software translating system. It uses a human professional to make a transcript. 

This is mostly useful for recording audio, including lengthy interviews and meetings. So that they just have to pay attention to the best interviews or videos.

They don’t need to take any tension for preparing the transcribe of the video. Once it’s finished, you can review the transcript and rate it. That’s one of their quality-control checks and helps ensure a very high level of accuracy. You can then export it as a Word file, PDF, or another type of file.  

How to transcribe YouTube Videos to text with Rev?
  • Upload files from your computer or simply paste a URL from the web. It is Secure and confidential.
  • Professionals transcribe your files with 99%+ accuracy and also with 100% guaranteed.
  • Transcripts are delivered as editable documents. You can view and edit with the tools from Rev.

Trint (Super Easy YouTube Videos To Text)

Trint is a Video or audio transcription tool that comes with a desktop version and an app like Temi. Trint uses AI software to create transcripts in multiple languages within minutes.

It Supports translating 54 languages, however, this feature isn’t available under all plans. 

How to transcribe a YouTube Video to text with Trint?
  • Import your YouTube video – Quickly and easily upload any video or audio file to Trint. Your transcript will be ready in moments, like magic.
  • Select the language of the video – It supports 54 languages.
  • Edit” –You can Quickly edit to get 100% accuracy. You can also add Markers, and speaker names or build your own personalized vocabulary list. 
  • Export & share – Share your finished transcript with others to create a story collaboratively, or export it as a Word doc, .csv, or any of our versatile formats.

Temi (Very Accurate Transcribe YouTube Video To Text Tool)

Temi uses a transcription tool to convert video to text. It accepts all video types, so you can get a transcript without converting the file first.

If your video has clear speaking, and very little background noise, you can get 90 to 95 percent accurate transcripts.

How to transcribe YouTube Videos to text with Temi?
  • Upload any audio or video file.
  • Review your transcript with timestamps and speakers.
  • Save & export your transcript as MS Word, PDF, SRT, VTT, and more formats.