Canon EOS C70 Price in Nepal

Canon EOS C70 with new RF mount | Price in Nepal

So we are finally Here, the Canon’s Latest Compact Size EOS Cinema camera is a Canon C70. It came with top-notch features and an amazing image quality sensor that can shoot 4K. It is very compact, so you don’t have to worry about carrying this camera around.

In this article, we are going to give a short review of the Canon C70 and also talk about the Canon EOS C70 Price in Nepal. So if you are curious about that, stay with us.

This camera is very capable of shooting amazing cinema-quality videos, you can also use it for documentary kind of stuff and for music production as well. We have collected the other Canon camera DSLR and Mirrorless system prices in Nepal so if you want to check that out you can do that.

For many years, Canon has been the leading brand in the DSLR camera market because of its color science and dual-pixel autofocus system. But Sony is taking a lead because Sony cameras are made in mirrorless systems and everyone is switching from a DSLR system to a mirrorless.

It’s obvious that Sony has improved its color science and autofocus a lot, so switching from other companies doesn’t bother users too much now. Also, the Sony Mirrorless lenses are staler, and you can find many options because they have been producing lenses for the mirrorless system for many years.

Canon C70 supports a new RF mount system which also has amazing quality glass, but it’s very expensive so keep that in mind also the lens choices are very less. We know It will take some years for canon to build its lineup.

So without any further discussion, let’s talk about the Canon EOS C70 Top features, specs, and Price in Nepal.

Canon EOS C70 Top Features

Super35 Dual Gain Output (DGO) Sensor

Canon’s next-generation Super35 Dual Gain Output (DGO) Sensor offers a dynamic range of up to 16+ stops and includes Canon’s exclusive Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus technology.

The DGO Sensor generates a high dynamic range and maintains low-noise levels by reading out each pixel with different gains.

Canon EOS C70 Price in Nepal

It combines images using pixels shot with a saturation-prioritizing amplifier for bright areas, and a lower-noise, noise-prioritizing amplifier for darker areas.

DIG!C DV7 Image Processor

Canon’s DIG!C DV7 image processor takes the extensive raw information captured from the imaging sensor and processes it for output. The DiG!C engine is also the driving force behind features such as high frame rate recording, Dual Gain Output (DGO) Sensor, Dual Pixel Autofocus, HDR (PQ) output, Electronic Image Stabilization, and proxy recording.

Canon Log 2 and 3; PQ and HLG Recording

The EOS C70 supports both the full dynamic range Canon Log 2 and the more workflow-friendly Canon Log 3 gamma. Canon Log formats are designed to reproduce the entire tonal range of its CMOS image sensor.

Turn to a log post-production workflow when you’re seeking a higher dynamic range, improved highlights and shadow retention, and increased grading flexibility. Note that while Canon Log 2 offers the largest dynamic range and image detail, the most post-production flexibility, and the full dynamic range of the sensor, it typically will require more time spent in color correction.

Canon EOS C70 with new RF mount | Price in Nepal

For users seeking most of the benefits of a log workflow but with reduced turnaround times, choose the Canon Log 3 alternative with only a slightly reduced dynamic range of 14 stops.

Built-In ND Filters

Designed specifically for the EOS C70’s short flange distance, a thin motorized ND filter unit enables users to quickly select up to 10 stops of neutral density – an especially handy feature for ENG shooters or when shooting in quickly changing lighting conditions.

Dual Pixel Autofocus

Another innovative EOS C70 feature is the Dual Pixel CMOS AF Technology, which uses each pixel on the CMOS sensor for both focus detection and image information, resulting in precision focusing and optimal image quality. The EOS C70 is also the first Cinema EOS camera to feature the EOS iTR AF X autofocus function, featuring a head-detection algorithm developed using deep-learning technology.

Canon EOS C70 with new RF mount | Price in Nepal

In Face Detection mode, this algorithm helps to improve distance measuring and tracking reliability, even when a subject turns their head to the side or back.

The EOS C70 also features the innovative Dual Pixel Focus Guide, which provides both front- and back-focus information to let users know where to set the focus during manual pulls.

EIS Control

To smooth out handheld shots, EOS C70 is the first Cinema EOS camera to offer enhanced image stabilization with coordinated control.

When used with an RF-mount lens and the EOS C70’s electronic IS, coordinated control optimizes hand-shake correction for even greater vibration reduction than that obtained with an EF-mount lens and electronic IS.

When working in the 2K format, the EOS C70’s Super16 Digital IS improves performance by using the peripheral area around the center of the 4K sensors to stabilize the image.

RF Lens Mount

A built-in RF lens mount lends the EOS C70 compatibility with Canon’s expanding line of high-performance RF-mount lenses. With a short flange distance, the RF mount helps to noticeably reduce the camera body’s depth, resulting in a more compact design.

EF Lens Compatibility with Adapter

The optional EF-EOS R 0.71X EF to RF lens adapter converts a full-frame lens to Super35 format while boosting the aperture speed by an average of one stop. The EF adapter passes EF lens data through the RF mount, providing full Dual-Pixel Autofocus and metadata information for select lenses.

Canon EOS C70 Price in Nepal

Additional compatible adapters include the EF-EOS R Canon Mount, Canon Control Ring Mount, Drop-In Circular Polarizer Filter Mount, and Drop-In Variable ND Filter Mount adapters.

Touch Control

The EOS C70 features Direct Touch Control, enabling you to quickly and easily access your favorite menu settings through the fully rotatable LCD screen. Simply touch the 3.5″ screen to start/stop recording, set ISO/Gain, color temperature, and iris, and access other critical settings. Recording settings that are located in different menus can now be controlled with one hand, enabling on-the-spot changes even while operating the camera with one hand.

Dual SD Card Slots

Dual SD card slots on the EOS C70 enable simultaneous recording in different formats including 4K/HD and XF-AVC/MP4 options. The EOS C70 can also capture still photos when on standby in select video modes.

4K 120p and LUT Support

With its new chip design and DIG!C DV7 processor, the EOS C70 is capable of both standard rates ranging from 23.98 to 60pfs and ultra-high frame rates. Capture video at frame rates up to 120 fps in 4K and up to 180 fps in the 2K crop mode. Dual Pixel AF is supported by the EOS C70 even at high frame rates, keeping your focus even when used on a gimbal or drone.

Note: V90 SD cards are recommended for slow- and fast-motion recording.

Canon EOS C70 Price in Nepal

The EOS C70 supports the higher-compression Long GOP for longer recording times at rates up to 4K60p. The inter-frame Long GOP compression detects differences between frames by referring to preceding and subsequent frames. A Look File option enables users to import cube-type 3D LUTs, improving the flexibility of the EOS C70.

Canon C70 Specs List

Image Sensor

Sensor Size26.2 x 13.8 mm (Super35)
Sensor TypeCMOS
Sensor ResolutionActual: 9.6 Megapixel (4206 x 2280)
Effective: 8.85 Megapixel (4096 x 2160)
Sensor Windowing2K (2048 x 1080) in 16:9 When Recording in Super 16
Pixel Pitch6.4 µm
Color FilterBayer
Shutter TypeRolling Shutter
ISO100 to 102,400
Gain-6 to 54 dB (Native)
-2 to 54 dB (Expanded)
Dynamic Range16 Stops


Lens MountCanon RF
Lens CommunicationYes
Shutter Speed1/12 to 1/2000 sec (In 60p Mode)
1/15 to 1/2000 sec (In 50p Mode)
Shutter Angle11 to 360°
Built-In ND FilterMechanical Filter Wheel with Clear, 2 Stop (1/4), 4 Stop (1/16), 6 Stop (1/64), 8 Stop (1/256), 10 Stop (1/1024) ND Filters
Built-In Microphone TypeStereo
Media/Memory Card SlotDual Slot: SD/SDHC/SDXC
Variable Frame RatesDCI 4K: 12 Up to 120 fps
DCI 2K (Windowed): 12 Up to 180 fps

Canon EOS C70 Price in Nepal

Canon EOS C70 is a very capable camera that shoots amazing 4K quality footage. It is very compact, you don’t have to worry about carrying around. It supports Canon’s New RF mount system. And now let’s talk about the Canon EOS C70 Price in Nepal.

Model NameUS PricePrice in Nepal
Canon EOS C70 2020 (Body Only)$5,499.00Rs. 9,50,000 (Expected)