vlookup formula in excel with example

by Rey Sagar
vlookup formula in excel with example

VLOOKUP formula in excel with an example

What is VLOOKUP?

the VLOOKUP formula is the very useful and popular formula in the excel. It makes easy for many difficult excel works.VLOOKUP finds the value by comparing with the first column of the table and provides the required value in the same row according to the index_number position.

First lets Undersant VLOOKUP Formula Structure and  Important Parameters

The structure for the VLOOKUP function:
=VLOOKUP( value, data table, index_number, [approximate_match] )


VLOOKUP has Mainly four parameters. let’s understand them one by one.


Value is the first component with which we compare data from the datasheet.

Data table

This is the part of the information from where we are going to browse data.


This indicates the required data column serial number from the value.

Approximate_match/Exact match

For exact value, you need to select FALSE and for approximate match select TRUE.


Steps to apply VLOOKUP function in excel.
1. Enter   ”  =VLOOKUP(      ”  in the excel sheet where you want to place formula.
vlookup formula in excel with example
2. Select lookup_value  ” =VLOOKUP(F4,          “. here I want to find employ name from Employ code. Hence lookup_value is employee code.
vlookup formula in excel with example
3. Select table_array ”   =VLOOKUP(F4,A3:C14, ”  from where you want to take data. Here I’m browsing Employee name from Data list.
vlookup formula in excel with example
4. Enter the column index number ” =VLOOKUP(F4,A3:C14,2,  “. Here Column index number for employee name is 2(counting from Employ code).
vlookup formula in excel with example
5. Finally, enter False for Exact match ” =VLOOKUP(F4,A3:C14,2,FALSE)  “
vlookup formula in excel with example
6. Let’s check the formula if it is working or not? I want to search the name of the Employee code EC104 and EC106.
vlookup formula in excel with example

Do it yourself

Try to find contact no of Employees  by entering the following data 
Lookup_value =employee code
table array = select the data List table.
column Index Number = 3
and select false for exact match.

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