How to promote Fiverr gigs on Facebook

How to promote Fiverr gigs on Facebook?

Earning more on Fiverr is a little complicated because it is not just creating a good plan. It needs a perfect Advertising strategy according to your company. So this blog is going to cover all about ” How to promote Fiverr gigs on Facebook “.

Facebook is one of the best and most effective methods of Social Media for promoting your Fiverr gigs. Because, If we talk about the fact about Facebook, there are 7.9 billion people are leaving on this Earth. 

One of them, 2.85 billion of the population is using Facebook. Facebook covers more than 70% of the social media market share as compared to other social media like Linkedin, Instagram to Twitter.

Therefore, we can’t even imagine how high the Facebook advertising platform is and how much better results can arise due to promoting Fiverr gigs on Facebook.

Here, I have listed and described in detail how you can promote fiverr gigs on Facebook. 

Methods to Promote Fiverr gigs on Facebook

 So it can provide you with a great chance to attract clients from Facebook.

Facebook is a great platform where you can provide you a great chance to attract clients easily because there are many groups related to freelancing or online work. 

Therefore, you can use these Facebook groups to promote your Fiverr gigs and find the client according to your services.

Also, The best way to promote your gigs is through hashtags.

Don’t make any spam comments in the group by posting your fiver gigs an unrelated post.
Try to comment in the related post.

Let’s understand all the steps and processes of promoting the Fiverr gig on Facebook in Detail.

1. Facebook Groups

You can find many Fiverr-related groups on Facebook. You can use these Facebook groups to promote your Fiverr gigs in Fiverr-related groups. If you think that posting in Facebook groups will increase your Sales drastically, it is not that much. however, it helps to boost your fiverr gig’s views & impressions. An increase in views and impressions increases your reputation of yours consequently, you build your brand in Fiver as a reputed Freelance who can complete jobs with excellence. 

Steps to Promote Fiverr Gigs on Facebook Groups

 Follow the below procedure to post Fiverr gigs in Facebook Groups. 1. Go to Facebook Search.
How to post Fiverr gigs on Facebook

2. Search the fiver-related keyword like Fiverr promotion, fiver gigs promotion, etc., and click.

How to post Fiverr gigs on Facebook

3. You can find lots of Fiverr promotion-related Facebook groups. Join 3 to 4 active groups and promote your Fiverr gigs.

How to post Fiverr gigs on Facebook

4. Click Join Group. Here I  have joined a Fiverr Freelancers group because it has more than 870 k members and daily 1.2k posts have been posted.

so I thought it is a better group and I can make a good promotion of my Fiverr gigs for free.

How to promote Fiverr gigs on Facebook

5. Publish an eye-catching post that describes your profession and skills.

You can write in a post like” Hello I’m a professional graphic designer and I can design your need at an affordable price.’

and you can also place your Fiverr portfolio link.

How to promote Fiverr gigs on Facebook

6. You can also write a comment on people’s posts who are searching for a freelancer.

People my post like. I need a Content writer, social media expert, graphic designer, ad poster photo editor, logo designer, etc. 

so there is a chance of being selected for the task If you post good comments and impress them. 

Also, you can message them on inbox directly which increases the rate of task assigned to you.

How to promote Fiverr gigs on Facebook

2. Facebook Page

Facebook Page is the place where you can build your own genuine audience by publishing good content. 

Steps to promote Fiverr gigs on Facebook Page

Step 1: First Create a Facebook page.

To create a Facebook page follow the below steps 

  • Click  🔻 On the right top of Facebook and click Create page.
  • Click Get Started (here I want to create a Business or brand Page ). You can select any of those as per your requirement.
  • Enter the page name and category of your page.
  • You can upload a Profile Picture later and click skip now.
  • Page Creation is completed, you can add your details like page description, Profile Picture, and others to attract the audience. 

For more information about creating a Facebook page click the link below.

How to create a Facebook page.

Step 2: Once you created a Beautiful Facebook page now you can invite your friends and followers, as well as a personal profile with loads of friends.

You can build your page’s followers by telling your friends, requesting them to recommend it to their friends and other Facebook pages, groups. 

Step 3: Boost your Facebook page 

You can also fill your Facebook page with the right audience by using targeted Facebook ads to generate fans. 

To get an accurate audience you need to limit the ads to the target area.

To boost your Facebook page using Facebook ads follow the below steps.

  • Go to your Facebook Page.
  • Select the post you want to boost.
  • Select Boost Post available at the bottom right-hand corner of your post. 
  • Fill in the details like the audience, Total budget, duration, and payment method. Facebook automatically selects the images and text from your post.
  • After filling in the detail, select Boost.
When you are choosing a suitable photo, be sure that it complies with the Facebook advertising policy. For example, the photo can only contain 20% text.

Moreover, selecting the right target group is also very important. you can choose a particular audience to limit the target group to focus only on real customers.