How to check iPhone RAM, Memory and Processor | Everything You Need To Know

by Yogesh Kunwar

If you are looking for the Answer to “How to check iPhone RAM, Memory and Processor “ then this article is for you. Normally, The way of checking the RAM uses in an iPhone is a lot different from the android phone and laptop. 

Because Apple device is way more secure and protected than android and other laptops. Officially there is no such way to find out within the iPhone since Apple keeps these restricted.

Therefore, Checking the iPhone RAM, Memory and processor looks pretty complicated but there are pretty good apps that can be used to do this task.

To clear out the RAM in iPhone devices, it can be done by pressing the Power Button and Home Button Simultaneously. Also, If your using iPhone X or Above device there is an alternative method of executing this task.

These third-party apps are available in App Store which can be used to view the Actual RAM on iPhone, RAM uses, Running applications, the processor uses, Memory Usages and remaining storage.

I’m also using this app and it also provides a handy widget to keep track of my RAM and phone Memory without having to open the app

How to check Phone RAM usages and actual memory ?

Lirum Device Info Lite

Lirum Device Info Lite is the most complete and elegant application to retrieve the specifications of your device like checking the RAM on your iPhone.

You will be able to monitor its performance, watch real-time CPU usage graphs, and discover a lot more about your Apple phones.

I’m personally using this app for a long time. In my opinion, this application is amazing because it provides lots more features and information that stock iOS apps can’t provide. 

How to Check iPhone RAM usages using Lirum Device Info Lite

To check iPhone RAM, download and install the app on your iPhone. Launch the app and go to the home screen.

  • Tap Options (three horizontal lines) at the upper left side of the screen.
  • Next, tap This Device.
How to check iPhone RAM
  • Click System.
How to check iPhone RAM
  • Now you can check iPhone RAM Usages, Actual RAM of Device, and other metrics you want.
How to check iPhone RAM

How to Check iPhone CPU usages using Lirum Device Info Lite

Your iPhone may limit the clocking cycle to save battery power, but in the event that the device is running out of full capacity, you need to check its CPU frequency. To check the CPU on iPhone, you can use the Lirum Device Info Lite app here too. 

It has a real-time multicore optimized CPU usage monitor that lets you watch real-time CPU usage graphs and see metrics like:

  • Number of GPU cores
  • CPU Core Base
  • CPU Current Clock
  • CPU Maximum Clock

You can also see your iPhone’s internal activity and system data with a real-time memory allocation graph, memory clock, amount of memory, and much more.

  • Click, This Device
How to check iPhone RAM
  • Next, Tap CPU
How to check iPhone RAM
  • Now you can check the CPU Usages, and other metrics you want.
How to check iPhone RAM
  • Also, You can check The CPU Graphical Representation by clicking Tools.
How to check iPhone RAM
  • Then, Click CPU Monitor.
How to check iPhone RAM
  • Here, you can check the graphical representation of your iPhone’s CPU performance. 
How to check iPhone RAM

How to Check iPhone Memory using Lirum Device Info Lite

  • Click, This Device.
How to check iPhone RAM
  • Click, General
How to check iPhone RAM
  • Here you can find the actual memory storage in your iPhone. Also, you can check the Used Memory and Available storage.
How to check iPhone RAM

Check iPhone Memory without using Third-Party App

storage is the only type of memory that can be viewed on the iPhone. Follow the below steps to Check the Memory storage of Your iPhone.

  • First, click Settings
  • then click General.
  • After that, you will see the iPhone Storage option there ‘click that.
  • Then you can view used and available memory. also, you can view the graph of usages.

Final Thoughts

Our smartphone usages are increasing continuously so it becomes a necessary task to check the iPhone Memory usages and the performance . people are also choosing the device not just due to aesthetics they are also checking the about performance memory and storage. 

Finally, due to the restrictions in apple devices, you may not be able to see RAM uses in your phone but a third-party app like  Lirum Device Info Lite makes it easy for checking the status of your iPhone.

Therefore you are now learned on how to check iPhone RAM, CPU, and Memory storage uses which is better maintenance of your device.

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