WhatsApp taking up all your storage? Now it is easier to free up your space with new storage option

by Rey Sagar
WhatsApp taking up all your storage?  Now it is easier to free up your space with new storage option

Have you ever in a situation that your smartphone is running out of space? and this problem might come from the different type of applications which are taking a lot of storage by storing all types of files that you are receiving and sending through that application. One of the apps that everyone uses to send files and messages is Whatsapp. You might already notice that Whatsapp storage all the messages and files on your smartphone after receiving and sending those files and messages which might cause your storage running out of space most of the time.

Currently, WhatsApp doesn’t have an advance option to manage those files but Recently WhatsApp has redesigned their storage option on their application, which helps users to find and delete different types of files like Gif, Images, Documents, Audio, Videos, etc, that are taking up too much space on their phone. The new tool will be “rolling out to users worldwide this week,” says the Facebook-owned company.

Right now WhatsApp “Storage Usage” tool simply shows all available chats and sorts by the amount of space they take up, listing the number of messages, photos, GIFs, and videos in each chat, and letting the user delete each category with a few taps. This is still useful but we don’t have the controls that we actually wanted which is a bummer. 

You’ll also get a visual breakdown of total storage used by WhatsApp, as well as how much storage is remaining overall. Fortunately, the legacy option of being able to view and manage storage usage by chat is still intact here. So if you know a certain group is responsible for using up most of your storage, you can quickly take action here.

WhatsApp taking up all your storage?  Now it is easier to free up your space with new storage option

If you compare the new tool with the existing one, It offers thumbnails of content to be deleted, and groups this data in categories including “Forwarded many times” and “Larger than 5 MB.” That should make it easier for users to identify content that they don’t need or want anymore, and that can simply be deleted. An update also allows you to mute group chats forever if you aren’t interested in the content but don’t want to cause offense by visibly leaving a chat.

You can also switch off WhatsApp’s default autosave setting for files by going to Settings and switching off “Save to Camera Roll” or “Media visibility,” depending on your OS. But if you prefer keeping the autosave/auto-download feature on and just want to delete files every once in a while.

An update is rolling out globally this week. 

You can check for it by going to Settings > Storage and data > Manage storage. You can see a preview of the new tool in action below :

The screengrab shows the Android version, but the same feature is coming to iOS too which is also great news for iPhone users all over the world.

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