Sony A7s iii release date and expected features

by Rey Sagar
Sony A7s iii release date and expected specification Sony rumors

Sony A7s iii release date and expected specification

Sony A7S III camera is expected to arrive in the 1st or 2nd quarter of 2019. There is a lot of leaked information about the Sony A7S III camera because previous Sony A7S II is a great successor for sony. According to the latest interview with Sony Manager, it seems that Sony a7S III will have features go beyond customer’s expectations, but it may require longer than you probably imagine. 
And one more information surprised us that the upcoming Sony camera may feature Dual base ISO, and this is the first time in any Sony Mirrorless camera. It’s a bit obvious to have really great built-in IS and new Hybrid AI based AF system like other Sony cameras out there. Sony A7S III camera is coming with a big jump in lots of features that we have seen inside the Sony A7S II camera.

Expected Features On Sony A7SIII

1. 4K 60p, 4:2:2 10-bit

The most Exiting feature of the Sony A7s iii is It’s coming with 4k 60 fps this is the feature which is very few cameras have and also it shoots 4:2:2 10-bit. In my point of view, this might be the biggest selling point for the Upcoming Sony A7s iii Camera.

Sony A7s iii release date and expected features

2.  36.4MP BSI Stacked Sensor

Sony A7S III full-frame mirrorless camera is rumored to feature a 36.4 MP BSI Multi-aspect Stacked CMOS Sensor. It is very good for Prints because higher megapixels take more resolution also good for hight details and cropping.

3. Without 30min Recording Limit 

This is also a very useful Feature If you want to record more than 30 min Continuously. This feature is going to be very useful for wedding videographers.

Sony A7s iii release date and expected features

4. Duel Base ISO

Dual base ISO coming to Sony A7S III. As indicated by most recent bits of gossip surfaced over the web, Sony may actualize Dual base ISO at Sony A7S III camera. 
It’s extremely an extraordinary news for expert producers and genuine YouTubers assuming genuine. Double local ISO implies precisely there are two ideal settings of the camera. In this way, at local ISO is the place Camera Performs best regarding SNR (flag to Noise proportion) and Dynamic Range. 
In Dual base ISO, we have two Values initially is High Base ISO (ex 2500) and other is low base ISO (ex 500). Expanding the ISO over the lower base number intensifies the yield yet, in addition, builds clamor in the picture. Yet, when the ISO achieves the higher base ISO, the circuit is exchanged so the photosites yield larger amounts without applying the extra increase.

5. 8K Sensor

According to the Sony rumors Upcoming Sony A7s iii might be coming with 8k Sensor and They said It’s quite easy to put an 8k sensor on their cameras and the body will bit bigger than the previous but still compact and light than the bigger DSLR.

Sony A7s iii release date and expected features

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