Sony A7 IV rumors and release date

Sony A7IV Release Date and Rumors? New sensor & 4K60p – Know More

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All right it’s already been so long that the revolutionary Sony A7iii was released and every Sony fan guy is waiting for its upgraded, model. We have already seen the massive video expect packed camera Sony a7siii with great image quality and features. We have already heard Sony a7iv rumors and leaks, and we can also guess the Release date, because we know that the last Sony a7iii was released back on April 10, 2018, so It’s time from upgrade.

A lot of Filmmakers and photographers has big expectation from Upcoming Sony a7iv, which is obvious because the last Sony a7iii has revolutionary at that time and still very capable camera on the market even after 3 years of its release.

So after a long wait just like the Sony A7siii which rumors came from the decade right!! We are going to see the Sony a 7 iv, and we have collected some rumors and release date, so stay with us from that.

Sony A7IV rumors and release date

The Upgrade Sony a7IV model looks set to feature a brand new 30MP sensor instead of the old 24MP Sensor combined with the dual SD, and CFexpress Type A memory card slots, Sony’s new menu system, and 4K video up to 60p with no overheating issues, unlike the Canon EOS R5

The Sony A7 IV is the highly anticipated successor to the all-purpose Sony A7 III. Which is still remains a popular and capable camera. However, where the A7 III was previously the junior member of the full-frame Alpha family, that role has been taken by the new Sony A7C. The Sony A7C is basically an A7III in a Sony A6600 body, with a flippy screen and a better autofocus system. 

Sony A7 IV rumors and release date

Sony a7 IV (Alpha 7IV, a7IV, ILCE-7M4) rather than its specs and its physical size – and be a little bolder in the features it offers. According to the Sony Rumors leak, it receives a healthy resolution boost over the A7 III and A7C and could be the first camera following the Sony A7S III to feature the manufacturer’s clever SD / CFexpress Type A two-in-one card slots.

And, in music to the ears of everyone who has wrestled with Sony’s very confusing menu system, the A7IV is also set to feature the A7S III’s improved layout and touch input which is absent on the A7C. 

Crucially, unlike the Canon EOS R5, Canon EOS R6, and Fuji film X-T4, it is also capable of recording 4K video up to 60 frames per second with no overheating issues big punch for Canon😃😃– an increasingly important party trick for hybrid shooters and the burgeoning content creation crowd. 

Rumors spec list of Sony A7IV 

  1. A7IV will have a new sensor with a faster readout and will not recycle the 24 MP one, it will be in the 30-32 MP region
  2. The EVF will have 3,69 Mdots and not 5,76 M dots
  3. Most probably the LCD will also be on the cheap side but the image quality and AF will be top-notch
  4. The video will certainly be 4K 60p and will feature the new menus.
  5. New Menu Like Sony A7Siii
  6. The expected price will be in the $2499 Us price

This would be a solid, expected improvement. These specs are found on Sony Rumors, What do you think is accurate or not? Let me know in the comment below. Let’s hope these specs are true, and we might also get other features as well, we will inform you if there is anything that comes about Sony A7IV so stay tuned.

Sony A7IV Release Date:

We don’t have any confirmation of the Sony a7iv release date yet, but we are expecting that Sony will announce the A7IV during the second half of 2021 only, so cross your fingers what Sony offers, and what do you think about the rumors and do they keep up with the competitors? Let us know on the comment below.

Sony A7IV Price:

Canon and Panasonic have already released their new models in this price segment, and we are expecting the Sony A7IV price will be around $2,000-$2,500 just like on the Sony a7iii, We don’t have exact information, but I’m quite sure about this because Sony has to push their limit on the price segment to compete with other brands and I believe they can do it.

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