SEO Settings In Blogger in 2019

by Rey Sagar
SEO Settings In Blogger in 2019

Today I’m going to tell you the best SEO settings for your Blogger website and what professional Blogger do to rank their own websites. 

Here I’m going to share some tips and tricks to boost your blog if you really wanna rank higher in google and you should understand SEO (Search engine optimization) very well and do some quick tricks which I’m going share with you.

Best SEO setting for Blogger in 2019

1. Add Description

The first thing that you need to do is choose your title which topic you wanna start your blog and search some keywords about that topic and put the description in your blog according to that keywords.

SEO Settings In Blogger in 2019

2. HTTPS Redirect

This is very important for your website security purpose and Google is very curious about this thing if your website is not showing protected or doesn’t show the lock icon on the left side corner of the URL it doesn’t allow you to run the ads.

SEO Settings In Blogger in 2019

3. Add Meta Description

A meta description is used while users are searching for contents on google related to your blog. It is very helpful and important to add a meta description to stand out on a Google ranking. This tag is basically hidden only google crawl can see that for the information about your blog. Which is help your blog to find on a Google while peoples are searching contents related to your keywords.

SEO Settings In Blogger in 2019

4. Custom Robot txt

Custom Robots.txt is a text file on the server in that you can write which directories and web pages or links should not be included for search results. 

Which means you can restrict search engine bots to crawl some directories and web pages or links of your website or blog.

Copy and paste this code on your blog

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google



Disallow: /search

Allow: /
SEO Settings In Blogger in 2019

5. Custom Robot Header Tags

Blogger provides an interface to set robot header tags.
It can be accessed at Settings > Search Preferences. There is an option named ‘Custom robots header tags‘ which is disabled by default you need to enable and check some boxes to and save it.

SEO Settings In Blogger in 2019

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