Instagram Updates in 2019 IGTV on feed and new explore tab

by Rey Sagar
Instagram Updates in 2019 IGTV on feed and new explore tab

Instagram Updates in 2019

Instagram recently added some new features for the better experience and the user experience for the users. We all know after the release of IGTV on the Instagram where you can upload a longer video and maybe monetize it in the future now they are more serious about the IGTV so if you are one of the Instagrammer or you have a page on the Instagram and if you want to grow your business or sales through the Instagram you should know about these features. At this moment Instagram is giving more value to the videos instead of the photos and engagement rate is also very high compared to the photos so if you want to grow on Instagram in 2019 you should use these feature because Instagram is pushing very hard and giving priority to these new features.

Instagram has announced changes to the Explore tab. In the new update, Instagram is added two new feature on the Explore tab and also adds Stories to the Explore tab which is really good for the engagement it will give you better exposure to your Instagram page.

Instagram Updates in 2019 IGTV on feed and new explore tab

Instagram Explore page is basically used to discover the new photos and videos of the peoples and pages that you didn’t follow but you probably want to follow after seeing those contents because Instagram use your history and it will only show the relative contents on the explore tab that you end up liking it and It will show contents from the people and pages that you didn’t follow. After the new updates when you go to the Explore tab, you will notice a newly designed navigation bar, which has two new features IGTV and Shopping followed by topic channels on their interests, such as Nature, Style, Travel, etc.

“IGTV” and “Shop” shortcuts are pinned on the top of the bar, The idea is it will make easier to find videos and products from the pages and creators that they love. If you tap on the “IGTV” shortcut, you will see a recently updated home for “IGTV” and for the same when you tap on the “Shopping” shortcut, you will have access to category filters in the navigation bar which will allow you to browse specific types of products.

Instagram is also adding Stories to the Explore tab. Instagram recently says that Stories is used by more than 500 million people every single day and the Explore tab will now provide users with relative Stories recommendations. Users will start to see stories from accounts similar to ones they do Like and Follow.

The new Explore section is already live if you open the Instagram app you can see that and Stories in Explore section will be rolling out in the coming weeks.

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