Canon EOS R3 price in Nepal

Canon EOS R3 Great Features? Canon EOS R3 price in Nepal?

The Canon’s Last models EOS R5 and EOS R6 cameras was a bold step up in the full-frame mirrorless camera category. The beginning of our quest to meet the diverse needs of professionals and serious enthusiast photographers seeking solutions. Canon EOS R3 is on the way and Everybody has some kind of question on their mid. How much frame rates it can shoot? How much it cost in worldwide market? What the Canon EOS R3 Price in Nepal?

Despite the lack of spec on the Canon EOS R camera, a lot of photographers and filmmakers have loved that camera because of its image quality, autofocus system. New lenses that they produced, might be expensive, but they are just phenomenal.

The upcoming Flagship Canon Camera is still under development phase and Its price hasn’t released yet, but you can see the Canon EOS R3 camera expected price in Nepal in the last section of this article.

Canon EOS R3 Early Thoughts & Rumors

Canon EOS R3 is Landing between the robust EOS R5 and Canon’s flagship EOS-1D X Mark III. It will be designed to satisfy the most demanding expectations in a professional camera including speed, quality, performance, and reliability. Which might be perfect for those professionals.

This camera features to be a professionally-oriented built in-battery grip just like on the Canon 1DX series DSLR cameras. It is being designed to meet “reliability and durability demands of professionals even when working in challenging conditions.”

Canon EOS R3 price in Nepal

The development of the Canon EOS R3 and the launch of the new RF lenses are the latest testament to the company’s commitment to professional photographers, filmmakers and content creators. When the camera becomes available, it will pair well with each of the new RF lenses announced today. Canon is excited to share this news today, and we look forward to seeing the images captured with the new RF lenses and upcoming EOS R3.

The EOS R will be Canon’s first camera with a backside-illuminated (BSI) stacked CMOS sensor, developed by the company in-house. The “stacked” part means that the sensor and circuitry like RAM is integrated into the sensor, which allows for faster readout speeds and performance. Sony introduced that sensor type on the A9, and Nikon recently said it would use a BSI stacked sensor on its upcoming Z9. 

Combined with Canon’s Digic X image processor, that will help the R3 deliver 30 fps shooting speeds in electronic shutter mode with autofocus and auto-exposure tracking enabled — matching Sony’s A1 which is absolutely insane. Canon also noted that R3 will be able to do that with “minimal distortion.” That’s significant because sports and action photographers often avoid electronic shutter mode for fast-moving subjects because of distortion caused by rolling shutter.

Questions About EOS R3

I’m intrigued to see whether the R3 will have a fully articulating screen. Part of me believes that its video capabilities would make it inevitable (8K 30p?); however, if top dials are ditched for greater weather-sealing and rugged reliability, a very much embedded fixed LCD in line with the 1D X might be more likely.

A flippy screen may give flexibility, but it makes keeping out water harder and is potentially a point of failure if the camera is being subjected to some harsh treatment.

Canon EOS R3 price in Nepal

The speed of the mechanical shutter will also be interesting. Canon has long made Sony’s efforts at a mechanical shutter look pathetic, with the a1 managing a paltry 10 frames per second so the R3 won’t have to work hard to surpass that.

My guess is around 12-14 frames per second, protecting the 1D X Mark III’s 20 frames per second (mechanical, but with the mirror locked up — 16 fps when using the optical viewfinder), and leaving space for the eventual R1 to push this even further — through a global shutter might make this figure all but irrelevant.

Canon EOS R3 Expected Features & Specs

Stacked CMOS Sensor

Canon’s first full-frame system includes the back-illuminated stacked CMOS image sensor. Because of that sensor Canon EOS, R3 will deliver substantially faster read-out speeds and produce much lower “rolling shutter” distortion.

Rather than the previous EOS models like Canon EOS R, R5, R6, and RP. it also produces great quality images like the previous model.

Killer Design

If you have already seen a lot of leaks and rumors, you might have seen a bunch of images about the upcoming R3. This category looks like Canon 1DX series cameras. The R3 looks spectacular, making everyone wonder why the convention for faux-leather grippy stuff has stuck around for so long. I hope it feels as good as it looks.

Electronic Shutter

The Canon R3 is coming with the Electronic Shutter which helps on a bunch of operations. Moreover, It will take full advantage of the EOS R3’s sensor design. It comes with superb read-out speeds, continuous shooting up to 30 fps, with full AF. Also, all auto-exposure shooting modes will be available with the Canon EOS R3 camera.

Great Autofocus

The EOS R5 and R6 were only the beginning of the R-series camera. Canon has Deep Learning technology and they have already implemented an amazing focus system. This is ruling the DSLR industry for years especially on videos with the dual pixel autofocus system.

The upcoming EOS R3 will offer enhanced AF performance and tracking capabilities, with better face, eye, head, and body detection. And, the EOS R3 will add a new type of subject recognition, for its AF system.

Eye Control AF

After the Sony cameras, for the first time in an EOS R series camera, you saw the Eye AF system. undoubtfully you will now be able to set the focus point in the viewfinder, by simply looking at it. 

Canon EOS R3 price in Nepal

During still-image shooting only, through the electronic viewfinder. Eye Control AF may not be possible, depending upon individual characteristics or shooting conditions. Also, it may not be possible for users to wear bifocal eyeglasses, certain types of sunglasses.

Rugged Body

Just like the Canon premium cameras, Canon’s upcoming EOS R3 will carry forward the integrated vertical grip. This is similar to the 1D series cameras, emphasizing both horizontal and vertical handling for challenging shooting situations.

Weather resistance and durability will equal Canon’s professional EOS-1D X Mark II and EOS-1D X Mark III cameras.

Initial thoughts on EOS R3

Beyond the heavy title and all the rumors, It seems that the Canon EOS R3 might be just one more step up the ladder. It provides a product that is a hybridization between R5 and 1D X Mark III which both are already been great cameras.

It’s hard to tell, though, what are the major advantages regarding photography and filmmaking in the upcoming R3. Also, we’re lacking more important info about the sensor itself, so it’s better we don’t talk too much about it.

Canon EOS R3 Camera release date and price in Nepal

There is no official release date or pricing yet for Canon EOS R3. Canon EOS R3 is on Development process right now but when it’s lunched we will definitely give you that information right away.

If we are talking about, what is the price of the Canon EOS R3 is going to be in Nepal then you can take into the consideration the canon last DSLR flagship model Canon 1DX Mark III. We all know Its coming with the big body size just like the 1DX series cameras, so the price would be similar.

Canon EOS R3 price in Nepal

We can expect Canon EOS R3 camera expected price is going too around to NRS 7.5 lakh to 8 lakh in Nepal. Let us know what’s your thoughts on it and how much you pro filmmakers are excited about this Upcoming Canon flagship camera?

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