Android Q Top Features and release date

by Rey Sagar
Android Q Top Features and release date
Upcoming Android version lots of rumors and leaks, the very first Android Q beta is finally Coming, that means you can experience an early version of the new operating system.
But There is some bugs and other issues. The beta is available for any Google Pixel phone, including the original Pixel and Pixel XL, with lots of new features.
Here are all the new features in Google next Android Q mobile operating system.

Top 5 Android Q Features You Need To Know About

1. Permission Options

This is one of the best features of the android Q and really good because you can control your app permission more advanced, there will be three options which you can see in the picture for your better understanding.
Android Q Top Features and release date
According to the Google’s blog post, apps that ask for your location will now reveal a new pop-up asking you if you want to grant location access all the time or only when the app’s being used, or not at all.

2. Improved Shared Menu

This time google comes with the New share menu looks very convincing especially previous android version share menu is really frustrating, It’s very laggy and slow as well as all the apps loads at the same time but this time really clean and fast like IOS operating system, good job Google.
Android Q Top Features and release date

3. Dark Mode

This is the feature very helpful for your smartphone battery life and also It looks really cool if you are bored of using the same theme on your phone and It’s also very handy when you use your phone at Nighttime.
There’s another toggle in the developer settings called “override force-dark,” and when you turned this on, any apps that don’t have their own built-in dark mode are overridden with a forced one. It’s unclear how Android Q’s dark mode will work with all the apps.

Android Q Top Features and release date

4. Built-In Screen Recording

There are lots of third-party apps for the screen recording on your smartphone but It’s a lot better if Google provides their own native app for the screen recording. But there are some bugs right now Google might working on that and we are hoping when Google lunch their Final version of Android Q It will be fixed.
Android Q Top Features and release date

5. Foldable Phone Support

And last but not least this feature is more focusing on your future phones like Samsung Foldable phone and Huawei mate X also other companies are going to make a foldable phone so this feature is compulsory for those type of smartphone otherwise the phone is not worth buying.
Android Q Top Features and release date

Android Q Release Date

  • March 13 :      The first Android 10 developer beta which is already launched
  • Early April :    Android Q beta 2 around April 1
  • Early May :     Android Q developer beta 3 near May 1
  • Early June :     The final incremental update, beta 4, should land in June
  • July :                Beta 5 and beta 6
  • August :          The final release will happen in August

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